Late Summer PotPourri

Summer salad with edible flowers

Summer salad with edible flowers

  •  I’m thinking a lot these late-Summer days about American rivers.  I live and do my magic on the borders of the Potomac River, which comes from a spring in West Virginia.  And I’ve been thinking about taking my G/Son, the geography nerd, on a trip next Summer to see the Mississippi River.  The other day, the county came by and put a sticker on the storm drain on my street.  The sticker says:  “No dumping.  Empties into Four Mile Run.”  And Four Mile Run empties into the Potomac.  What’s the gossip in your watershed?
  • Here’s my goal for this week.  What’s yours?  I managed last week to get to the William Merrit Chase exhibit at the Phillips.  I forget what a jewel the Phillips is.  What little museums do you like?
  • Reading saved my life when I was a child.  I read anything and everything. One summer, I came home from the last day of school and pulled all of the Greek philosophers and all of the Charles Dickens off the shelf, piled them up in my room, and started to read.  I admit that I got all the way through the Dickens and not even very far past the first chapter of Aristotle.
  • Richard Louv’s new book, Vitamin N, is out.  Worth your time.
  • Are you registered to vote?


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2 responses to “Late Summer PotPourri

  1. Hurray for reading! 🙂

  2. Jane Gagle-Bennett

    The Taft Museum in Cincinnati is a small museum with some great surprises. I love William Merrit Chase – my “home” museum, The Toledo Museum of Art, has one of his paintings, a garden setting.

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