So we’re here on the tail-end of Summer, just a few hours away from Mabon, which is, of course a time to give thanks for what we’ve harvested.  The Equinoxes are also, for me, a time to think about balance.

This year, with a terrifying election swirling all around us, balance can seem far away.

One of my favorite thinkers, David Whyte, has this to say about finding balance:

According to Whyte, we humans are involved not just with one marriage with a significant other. We also have made secret vows to our work and unspoken vows to an inner, constantly developing self. These Three Marriages constantly surprise us, and they demand larger and renewed dedication as the years go by. Whyte’s thesis is that to separate these marriages in order to balance them is to destroy the fabric of happiness itself; that in each of these marriages, will, effort, and hard word are overused, overrated and in many ways self-defeating. Happiness, Whyte says, is possible, but only if we reimagine how we inhabit the worlds of love, work, and self-understanding.

Whyte argues that it is not possible to sacrifice one marriage for any of the others without causing deep psychological damage. He looks to a different way of seeing and bringing these relationships together and invites us to examine each marriage with a fierce but affectionate eye as he shows the nonnegotiable nature at the core of each commitment.

He’s written an entire book about it.

Picture found here.


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