My Mood Tonight


There’s a tiny voice inside of me that keeps saying:  “It’s not really going to happen.  Of course, it’ not.  The experienced woman who’s spent a lifetime doing the work isn’t going to get rewarded.  We all know that’s not how the stories end.  It will look that way right up until the last moment when they give the job to the unprepared man. ”

I’ve seen it dozens of time:  in education, in the law, in business, in politics, in religion. in the theatre, in literature, in life.

And, yet, and yet, and yet, I keep remembering what Holly Near said:

And I won’t dishonor those who’ve gone before me.

And so here I am, Charlie Brown charging as fast as I can at that football, hoping that this time I can run faster than Lucy can pull it away.  I’m going to bake muffins for the local campaign office and charge them with all the magic I have got.


One response to “My Mood Tonight

  1. Exactly what I was feeling this morning. Thank you.

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