Black Moon Potpourri


How will you, in Byron Ballard’s words, #betheWitch on this Black Moon?

The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloween collection is out.  Someone take away my credit card.

This makes my heart happy.

How differently would you garden if you realized that “soil IS your crop”?  /hat tip to @earthfort

If you aren’t following docrocktex26 on Twitter, you are doing yourself a serious disservice.

You seriously need to go read every word of this.  Here’s a taste:

Older women occupy a very particular space in our culture — a space frequently defined by an abandonment of listening. Rather than valuing the lived experiences of older women, and the wisdom those lives have imparted, we turn away from them, dismissing them as irrelevant; we neglect to listen, just at the moment where they may offer insights most profoundly worth listening to.

In her beautiful essay, “Listening to Old Women,” Soraya Chemaly observes: “One day last year, I was thinking about the erasure of aging women in our culture and searched for the term ‘venerable women.’ I was curious about what images of wise and respected women the world produces. Google’s seemingly baffled autocorrect responded, tellingly: ‘Do you mean venerable men or vulnerable women?’”

We cast older women aside — and with them, their voices.

So it doesn’t surprise me that there hasn’t been much interest in exploring older women’s support for Clinton, or what it might signify to them.


Looking forward to this:

Today’s the last day for super-cheap registration for Sacred Space 2017.  This is one of American Paganism’s most important annual gatherings.  I’m going to be there and I hope that you will be, too.


Life is wonderful and strange…and it’s also absolutely mundane and tiresome. It’s hilarious and it’s deadening. It’s a big, screwed-up morass of beauty and change and fear and all our lives we oscillate between awe and tedium. I think stories are the place to explore that inherent weirdness; that movement from the fantastic to the prosaic that is life

Picture found here.

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