How to Be a Witch 101


The things a teacher says to you may either upset you or make you feel good. But the way that they make you feel may not be the best way for you to judge.  Because sometimes things that make you feel, for example, good, may only be appealing to your own shadows.  And because sometimes things that make you feel, for example, bad, may actually be what you need to hear.  But not always.

So you need a different way to pay attention.  And that’s what Witchcraft is all about.  What happens in your gut?  Your fingertips?  Your heart?  What does Tarot tell you?  The ravens in your yard?  Your dreams?  What does your own good common sense say?  If you go out and sit beside your favorite tree, what does it tell you?

But, of course, first, you have to have a favorite tree.

Do you?  Can you find one?  Can you feed it compost, or water, or minerals, or prayers?  Can you pay attention to it?

Go do that between now and Imbolc and then we’ll talk about being a Witch.

(See, you didn’t want to hear that, did you?)

Picture found here.



4 responses to “How to Be a Witch 101

  1. Perfect. #bethewitch

  2. Connie K Swafford

    Well i do not sujest a wallnut or an apple tree to commune with

  3. Finally some rain here last night — and the Japanese Maple Tree is looking very well! The leaves are a lovely green with red edges …… and with the cooler weather here today (finally!) — we will have cleaned up the gardens and will be creating our annual Halloween scene!

    Lot 13, Block 13 on Cemetery Hill Road …… yes! that’s the address! 🙂

    And sent in my voter registration too! 🙂

    P.S. Saturday night is the International Observe The Moon Night — according to NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Team (InOMN) ! Their website has some great info and tips for watching!

  4. I just wanted you to know that this motivated me to go out and visit one of my tree friends. I went when you posted this, but forgot to bring an offering. So I went back a couple of days ago, remembering to take my water bottle. There are many trees that I cherish and greet as I walk around. This particular one is a beautiful apple tree in a nearby park. I call it the Pomona tree and offer prayers to Pomona there, circling the tree and pouring water to its roots as I invoke health and long life in this place for both of us. The whole tree is bedecked with apples that shine like red stars in the dark green foliage. Another windfall plopped into the grass just as I approached, so I ate it and shared in the lovely flesh of this green earth. Thanks for your blog. Like the trees, its roots go deep, and its branches provide us with shelter.

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