Rejoice, Rejoice, We Have No Choice But to Carry On Potpourri


This year, not a single woman won a Nobel Prize.  Guess there were no women doing important things.  Reminds me of the 1960s.

  •  This is fascinating.  I consider it Post good news, but I also think that we Pagans have no idea how we’ll face these changes.  I’d love to see it become a theme at next year’s Pagan conferences and festivals:  How Do We Live in Post-Christian America?  Is it a blessing or a bane?
  •  Every election throws up some new stars.  This time, the two that I’m seeing are both women.  First, I’m mesmerized watching our First Lady, Michelle Obama.  My personal impression is that there was little love lost between Mrs. Obama and Secretary Clinton after the 2008 election.  However, Mrs. Obama showed up at this year’s Democratic convention to do the obligatory speech in support of the nominee.  She may have been motivated to do a better-than-usual job after Mrs. Trump plagiarized portions of Mrs. Obama’s speech.  Whatever the motivation, Mrs. Obama’s speech was the hit of the convention and her line:  “When they go low, we go high,” has become a sort of rallying cry.  Today, she gave a break-out performance and no one doubts that, if she wants it, a career in politics is hers. I’m fascinated watching her realize this in real time, literally watching her face, speech-by-speech and seeing her come into her own power.

Robby Mook is an effing genius.  But he will continue to work behind the scenes.

On the Republican side, the new star is Anna Navarro. Since I seldom watch tv, I hadn’t been aware of her before now.  But she’s an exceptional speaker, holds her own better than most on talking head shows, and has done a very good job of separating herself from Donald Trump.  Not sure what Republican values she does hold, but she’s coming out of this election as a star.  I may have more to say in a future post about where the Republican party can possibly go from here, but, for now I’ll say that, if it wants to survive, Ms. Navarro is where it needs to go.

  •  When men show up to say that Trump’s comments about women offend them as sons, husbands, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, etc. what I hear is:  Patriarchy.  You’re upset that some man talked that way about “your” possessions.  What Trump said wasn’t wrong because you have a mother and a wife.  This is the same bullshit that motivates honor killings.  What Trump bragged about was wrong because women are people, women’s rights are human rights, and it wouldn’t be OK for Trump to exalt in how he could grab some man’s balls, either.  Men, please do better.
  • One of the cool things coming out of this election are Hillary quilts.   Neat thing to leave for your female descendants.  I’ve bought way more campaign buttons than I should have and will definitely score a WaPo and NYT on Nov. 9th for my great-granddaughters.   What are you doing to preserve this election?

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3 responses to “Rejoice, Rejoice, We Have No Choice But to Carry On Potpourri

  1. The peace prize, in particular, is starting to look like a participation trophy. At least for physics they have to accomplish something lasting, but not peace…

  2. I am truly considering buying the action figure of her in the blue pants suit. I know I would be mocked by a certain subset of “friends,” but I couldn’t care less. I want her on my bookshelf with my other objets de fandom.

    The “mothers, sisters, daughters,” etc. has rankled me for a while, and I abhor the excuse, “Well it’s a way for them to empathize.” If you can’t empathize with a woman based on her humanity/personhood, you need to leave the building.

  3. I do write Stories. Please check it on My page 🙂 thank you.

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