What Melissa said.


4 responses to “This

  1. I agree: Wow! Indeed! Exquisite words and writing!

  2. Yes! And the same words apply here in the UK to UKIP and the right-wingers in the Tory party. The whole Brexit debacle was instigated by the wrong-headed thinking of those who harked back to a golden age, and look where that’s taking us now.

  3. She’s quite right. The obvious rejoinder to the statement, ‘Make American Great Again!’, is, ‘For whom, ‘zackly?’, as surely as the call for ‘states’ rights’ begs the question,’To do what, ‘zackly?’ The two are not unrelated. When, as I hope, a defeated Trump slinks off into sullen obscurity, his constituency will remain. And it will be impossible for a human being who accepts the reality of global warming, recognizes the theory of evolution, and grants dignity, empathy and a full measure of humanity to other than straight white American men to even contemplate a political life in one of our two major parties. My fear is that, once rid of Trump’s despicable persona, a more competent villain will arise to obscure all that, and take advantage of that.

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