An Insult to Women Everywhere


This post is some of the best feminist writing to come out of an election that has launched a Renaissance of feminist writing.  (And I am certain that much more is to come once the election is over.)  But this post sums up exactly how I, and I suspect many other women, are feeling about now.  It’s not long and you owe it to yourself to read the whole thing, but here’s a taste:

Being right should at least feel good, but it doesn’t. I should have enjoyed the debates — seeing that, finally, many of my Clinton-doubting friends got what I saw in her; her grace under fire, her merciless tough-bitch baiting of his insecurities, her ability to take a man who’d bulldozed over a dozen Republican candidates and make him look like a screaming, pouting toddler — but I didn’t. It isn’t just an insult to Hillary Clinton that she wound up facing Trump. It’s an insult to all women; it’s confirmation of our darkest suspicions about sexism, that while women are killing ourselves to do better and be smarter and work harder, while we’re building resumes, accumulating qualifications, going to classes, applying for extra credit, the only thing all that excellence does, at the end of the day, is to put us on equal footing with some male idiot who’s done precisely none of the work. It isn’t fun, realizing that the most qualified candidate in modern history is considered roughly equivalent to a barely literate game-show host with no government experience, just because she’s female. It doesn’t feel good, knowing that even Hillary Clinton has to stand there and get screamed at by some Twitter troll, just because she’s trying to get a job.

The post is titled:  Goodbye to All That.  You may remember that Robin Morgan wrote an essay with that title when some feminists, including W.I.T.C.H., took over a radical newspaper and tried to explain to lefty men something Hillary Clinton had to go to China to declare:  Women’s Right Are Human Rights.

It’s going to be a long 8 years.

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8 responses to “An Insult to Women Everywhere

  1. Jane Gagle-Bennett

    Powerful. Thanks for the link.

  2. Excellent, depressing, prescient, and right on! Awesome summation.

  3. oh dear god this hit a nerve!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. When the first debate came up, my dear fiance was like are you excited to see Hillary, and I was like actually I think it’s an insult to her intelligence that she is debating Trump. I would rather see her debate someone who actually knows what they are doing. This articulates all that so well. I have really enjoyed your coverage of this election. It’s been a light in the dark.

  5. Thank you so much for drawing attention to this piece by Robin Miller. Her book _Sisterhood Is Powerful_ was a, well, powerful source of ideas and inspiration for me during a formative period of my adolescence. The ideas I encountered during that time have shaped my life and my world view as an adult.

  6. The second debate bothered me so much I was upset for weeks to come and did not watch the third because I was afraid it was another town hall where he’d e allowed to stalk and intimidate her again. That entire disgusting display appalled me, and I’m not typically triggered by such things, but to see the way he looked at her, the absolute hatred and undeniable desire to physically hurt her…it was just too much for me. Knowing that if they were ever alone together…I just shudder to think.

    This entire election is an absolute disgrace on so many levels. That Hillary has to deal with something like that is disgusting, and the fact that that’s all she’s done her entire political career doesn’t make it any better. The fact that this is even a contest saddens and sickens me to my core. If it wasn’t for the (growing) pockets of sanity I’ve found online, I don’t know how I’d cope. My anxiety and fear would eat me alive. I just hope the nightmare will be (mostly) over on Tuesday when we can all say Hillary is the president-elect. Even past the pall of my omnipresent cynicism, I believe this.

    And that essay? That essay hit every point I have ever wanted to make.

  7. “at this point, it’s hard to imagine any outcome more painful than the race itself.”

    In a pig’s valise, as my Dad would say. If Trump wins, JUST WATCH everything get more “painful”.

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