I’m a sell-sword, a lawyer, a woman who fights for her supper.  If you can pay my fee and I like your cause, I’ll rub chalk on my hands, step into the circle, reach into my soul, wield my words to win your cause, do battle, grunt and gasp and win.  Several times a year, that causes me to fly out to the West Coast.  And I was sitting in the lounge at National Airport preparing to fly out and do battle when this came on the overhead TV:

I watched, really proud of myself for not starting to cry.  Then, the old, white, man next to me said, “That bitch.”  I turned to him and said, “I’m going to vote for that bitch.  And every time someone calls her that name, I’m going to send her $100.”  He huffed and he puffed, but he didn’t have any answer

Many months, and many donations later, I’m happy to say,  “I’m with her.”  I’ve voted for her, donated to her, blogged for her, done magic for her, begged everyone I know to vote for her. There were two people in the lounge at National Airport, a woman and a man.  That’s a change from the days when it was only men.  I want a change in the White House, too.

Postscript:  I meant to post Hillary’s campaign announcement.


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  1. I really needed this today. Thank you.

  2. Jane Gagle-Bennett

    Me too, needing that, and thanks.

  3. Let the haters stay mad. We outnumber them.

  4. I heart this so much!!

  5. Fantastic! 🙂

    Needed this here too — it is another cloudy, murky day hereabouts in too many ways …

  6. Well, I did tear up a little. Voting was taken care of the first day of early voting here in the Commonwealth of MA. Somewhere Great Grandma L. Marion is smiling in pleased astonishment that the first President of African ancestry is to be immediately followed by the first woman. A sister “sell-sword”, both causes were dear to her. What troubles me is the sense that the true struggle has only just begun. The pustulant boils on the body politic of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and machismo have been ripped open into ulcerating sores by Trump. Healing such will be hard enough with a Senate that will at least allow the Judiciary to be properly staffed. Without even that . . .

  7. Today in 1872 — Susan B. Anthony tried to vote … and was arrested. Lighting a candle here. And cutting some rosemary for the mantel ….

  8. Great campaign ad! And today she’s just been cleared of any wrongdoing once again. But the lying liars who repeat their Big Lies again and again will never stop concocting lies about her. It’s going to be a tough four years ahead for her and for us. Buckle up for a bumpy ride.

  9. And here I dreaded a bumpy ride. This is nothing compared to what is coming. We are so fucked.

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