As you probably know, the election isn’t final, and America has not selected a President, until the members of the Electoral College vote.  As my earlier post indicates, the electors are our final — albeit faint — hope to stop Donald Trump from becoming President.

Today, @tribelaw, Lawrence Tribe, the great Constitutional scholar, explained that Congress may change the date when the electors meet.  Currently, they are due to meet on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December (December 19, 2016).  But Congress can move that date back, to, say, Dec. 31st or Jan. 7th.  That would give the electors time to process the intelligence data that has come out in the last 72 hours and to formulate a plan.

Please call — a call is better than an email or a Tweet — your Congressperson and ask them to sponsor and support legislation to move back the date for the meeting of the Electoral college.

Here’s is where you can find contact information:


One response to “Please

  1. With you Sister! The Electoral Colege members must be made aware of the full extent of the connectins and interactions that the Republicans have with governments other than the US. Today we learned that Trurkey just might use Trump’s extensive debts to that country to demand we start extraditing our citizens! This is hair on fire serious time, America.

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