Almost Winter Potpourri


Athena gets this exactly right, I think.

I agree with Charles Pierce about this, but I think the problem goes back a bit farther than he admits.  I’m so old that I remember when President Ford pardoned President Nixon.  At the time, Nixon-hater that I was, I still thought President Ford was probably doing the right thing.  I’ve come to see since then that he made a terrible mistake.

Rather like the man who was amazed to learn that he’d been speaking prose all his life, I only today learned that I’ve been living all of mine with bimbles.

If you don’t follow echidne, you should.

If, as Muriel said and I believe, the Earth is made of stories and not of atoms, then stories are a gift of Earth.  The Gleewoman has given us a lovely one.

Wendell Berry instructs  to put our faith in the two inches of hummus that will build under the trees every thousand years.  Here are some women doing just that.  (hat tip:  J.)

Picture found here.


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