“The seed is in the ground. Now may we rest in hope, while darkness does its work.” ~ Wendell Berry

A Witch’s job is to turn the Wheel and round and round the Wheel must turn.

And tomorrow, the Wheel comes round again to the longest night.  And, as it always has, it will need Witches to help it turn.  Witches to keep vigil the long night through, dancing by bonfires, meditating on the flickering flame of a single candle, pouring libations to the Old Gods getting older.  Witches to decorate the Yule altars with holly, and incense, and poison mistletoe.  Witches to arise just before dawn and bang pots and pans to wake up sleepy Helios.  Witches to bake the morning feast, sing the old songs, wake the children up to see sunrise in the frosty forest or the tiny tenement.

I shan’t be gone long. You come, too.

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