On Listening for the Call


This is lovely.  Here’s a little taste:

Now I want you little sisters to remember this one thing if you don’t recollect another thing: dying ain’t the worst thing that’ll ever happen to you.  The worst thing is to die before you get your call.  And let me tell you the truth as I know it.  You there, you lean in and listen well.  Some folks don’t die at all.  Some folks just leave. The wild will call and they’ll be gone, just like that.  And the choice between the two is yours.  You can die off like some poor ol’ feral cat, or you can leave when the call comes.  And it will come one bright day, whether you answer or not.  But you’ve got to listen, you know. The loudest words ain’t never said out loud, and the wisest words are plain and barely spoken above a whisper.  And the wild’s call will only whisper; it won’t come hollering like a banshee in your ear.  So listen, gal. Listen good and listen long…

Picture found here.


3 responses to “On Listening for the Call

  1. I love this and am keeping her sentence “A gal with deep roots don’t fear a little wind” to help me through Tower Time.

  2. Lovely. Probably my favorite words so far into this new year. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing and for the introduction to a Wonderful new blog!

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