Art de la Resistance


If the rest of the coming issue of Left Sacred:  A Beautiful Resistance is as lovely and powerful as the forward, it will be lovely and powerful, indeed.  You will feel better, and braver, and blessed for reading it.  Here’s a taste:

The rise of reactionary politics—exemplified in the English-speaking West by Brexit and Donald Trump—is just that: a reaction. It is the last, desperate attempt by a dying cultural force. It’s an attempt we need to take seriously. It might still win. But while the reactionaries have been the ones to move the war into the political realm, it was a war we started. We started it by challenging the cultural status quo. We started it by daring to be ourselves, by daring to be free.

Cultural shifts are the long game. It’s time to focus on the short game: politics. Fortunately, the immediacy of the situation removes electoral politics—perhaps the most banal and impotent expression of politics—from our toolbox. When I say politics, I simply mean “the ways in which we organize power within our society.” It’s time to take that power ourselves and spread that power out to others. It’s time to transform our aesthetic cultures in cultures of resistance. It’s time for action.

Every action you take is a spell cast for more of that action. Defend people. Stand up to bigots. Hospitalize bigots if need be, or maybe get hospitalized in the attempt. Spells are often costly. That’s fine. They should be. The work we do might destroy us.

We’re going to need serious art de la resistance over the next few years.  May we make it.  May we read it.  May we know it when we see it.

Picture found here.


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