Waxing Moon Potpourri


  • I did an interview with Jennifer David Hesse, who writes a series of books about a Wiccan lawyer who solves mysteries.  Apparently, many of her readers are not Pagans, so her questions were geared towards basic information.  See if you think I got the framing right.
  • Speaking of framing, one of the things the Trump administration plans to do is to gut  our nation’s regulations.  George Lakoff suggests that we not talk about  saving regulations.  We should talk about keeping and strengthening our nation’s protections.  We have protections for clean water.  We have protections against adulterated food and protections that ensure safe medicine.  We have protections against predatory lending and dishonest advertising.  We have protections that ensure work safety.  We have protections that prevent housing discrimination.  See if you can discuss this issue with useful framing.
  • It seems that everyone I know has been on high alert for the last three weeks.  We’ve been at multiple demonstrations, have dropped everything to run to an airport and draft habeas petitions into the wee hours of the morning, have done so many magical workings we can hardly see straight, have called our Senators, Congress members, Governors, etc., etc.  Keep it up!  It’s working!
  • But also, take a breath.  Do some self-care (Mrs. Whatsit will be blogging more about this shortly.)  Understand that it’s your job to care for and strengthen one of the most important members of the Resistance:  you.
  • Tonight, Mrs. Whatsit and I had dinner and caught up.  We’ve been doing magic together for so many years that, working “alone, together” what we do tends to be pretty uncomplicated.  She helped me check the wards on my home.  Are you doing this?  You’ve got wards and you re-energize them periodically, right?  Remember, if you are doing political magic, to add wards to “divert the eye of Sauron.”  Mrs. Whatsit and I like to call Hestia for this work; who do you call?
  • I made black-eyed pea dip.  Buy a package of frozen black-eyed peas and simmer them in water with a chopped clove of garlic and a chopped jalapeño pepper.  Throw all of that into the blender with another clove of garlic and some cayenne pepper and chili spice.  Mix (I use an old-fashioned potato masher) the blended peas with 4 oz. of softened cream cheese, 1 1/2 C of grated cheddar cheese, and a bunch of chopped green onions.  Serve with crackers.  The cheeses add some fat, but the peas have lots of fiber.  And it’s Southern food, the food of This Place.
  • Today, every Senate Democrat voted against Betsy de Vos for Secretary of Education.  Pence had to break the tie — something that has never happened before.  I don’t view this as a loss.  Democrats can now place sole blame on the Republicans for all of de Vos’ failures.  Remember that control of education falls largely to states, counties, and towns.  Consider running for your local Board of Education.  Whatever craziness comes out of de Vos’ department, your local Board of Education can undo it, minimize it, push back.  The Board of Education is where many politicians get their start and it’s a vitally important job.  BTW, Mrs. Whatsit told me today that Emily’s List not only trains  women who want to run for office; it also helps women who want to help other women run for office.  Did you ever think you’d make a good campaign manager?  PR agent?  Policy expert?  Do it.
  • You should read this, and this, and this, and this, and this. OK, I’ll stop.



7 responses to “Waxing Moon Potpourri

  1. I appreciate you’re comment about placing all the blame for devose on the republicans. One piece of solace in the whole shenanigans. Thanks

  2. Have you seen this piece of news? About Senator Warren?

    “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless she Persisted.”

    Mitch McConnell rebuking Senator Warren about reading a letter from Coretta Scott King …… Senator Warren read it on Facebook.

    Now those words are going viral for The Resistance!

    Sounds to me like words that could be carved into a stone; inscribed onto a shield or raised as a battle cry or spun into a poem or a song ……

  3. So many wonderful thoughts here, I especially appreciate the bit on framing.

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