Making Signs


We Pagans are always looking for signs and portents.  Three crows sit in the tree out front and you realize something’s up.  The tea leaves at the bottom of your cup form a pattern and you predict a trip.  A fox runs across an urban parking lot just as you’ve asked an ancestor for help and you know that you’ve been heard.

These days, we’re also making signs, aren’t we?  From the Women’s March the day after Putin’s Puppet was inaugurated, to impromptu demonstrations outside Mitch McConnell’s house to protest his treatment of Elizabeth Warren and Coretta Scott King, to town hall meetings with Senators and members of Congress, many patriotic Americans (Pagans included!) are using their right to peacefully assemble and petition thire government.  They’re showing up with signs and, as Mrs. Whatsit noted yesterday, “spacing out words appropriately on poster board is not as easy as it looks!”   Beyond spacing out the words, there are a few other things you should know about making signs.

Signs are a great way to frame the issues.  Pithy ones get photographed, shared on social media and in the news, and copied.  So when you make a sign, first make sure that you’re not using the other side’s framing.  Remember that “pro-life,” “death tax,” “death panel,” “regulation,” and “homeland” are their frames; don’t use them.  A sign that says “Protect our water!” is better than “Continue to regulate wetlands!”  “Tax unearned wealth!” is better than “Keep the Death Tax!”

And because we’re magic-workers, don’t forget to add some glamour to your sign.  Boil rose petals in water, strain it, and then draw the symbol for Mercury on each corner with the rosewater, while chanting:  “Effective and noticed my sign will be.  Change it will bring to my country.  This is my will; so mote it be.”

Don’t forget to glamour yourself a bit, too, to keep yourself safe and to make yourself invisible to any who would harm you.

Picture found here.


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