The Greater Trump Reversed: Absent & Toxic Fathers


It’s been decades since I read it, but my memory is that in Charles Williams’ book, The Greater Trumps,* reality becomes rent and archetypes (the trumps), as depicted in Tarot, come through into physical reality.  Since Trump’s installation, I’ve been remembering Williams’ story and considering how Trump is what Derrick Jensen would call a toxic meme of the Emperor Card.  Toxic, because he has none of the supposedly good qualities — stability, protection, certainty, etc. — of the Emperor, and all of the bad.

And this morning, I began to wonder about the role of absent/toxic fathers in our late twentieth/early twenty-first century presidents.  Consider Bill Clinton who grew up with an absent father and toxic stepfather.  W who had an out of control Oedipus Complex.  Obama who grew up with an absent father.  And, now, Trump, who clearly grew up unloved and with one of the world’s largest narcissistic wounds.

Maybe we need to stop electing men who have these problems.

*Jung would appreciate the play on words.

Picture found here.


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