The Magical Battle of America — Feb.


We will begin by creating our working place upon the astral plane.  This is some of the most important work that we will do; we will come back to this spot many times as we work protective magic for America.

After you ground and center, cast a circle and anchor yourself firmly to your landbase.  Notice a small detail that will call you back when this working is finished.


Find yourself in the great and vast American plain.  You are deep in the middle of the continent.  Find yourself under a clear blue sky, surrounded by native grasses.  These grasses come up to your thigh and their roots literally anchor the center of the continent.  Run your own roots down, exchange love and respect with the roots of the prairie.  The wind comes from the West and ripples the grasses as the Moon’s gravity ripples the waters of the Pacific.  Off in the distance, a herd of bison moves slowly Northward across the Earth.  High in the sky, a falcon sails upon the Earth’s breath. But otherwise, you are alone with the prairie.  The only sound is the wind.

As you wander, you find a tiny hillock.  Sit down on the mound and close your eyes.  Open them, and focus upon the distance.  From here, you can see for miles and miles across the flat grasslands.  Feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair.  The same wind that ruffles the prairie grass ruffles  your hair.  You can sense a community of prairie dogs just off to the East.  You can see jack rabbits and some butterflies moving away to the South.


Coming into focus around you at each of the points of a pentagram, you can see giant banners in the sky.  Each one is many stories high and they shimmer and glow in the clear blue sky.  To the Northeast, you see a banner that bears the  image of Walden’s Pond.  You can see each detail of the lake, a lake formed by melting glaciers.  You can taste the mineral waters and hear the ducks crying near the farthest shore.  This banner reminds you of America’s austere New England values.  You are reminded how few material things America really needs.

To the Southeast, you see a banner that bears the image of America’s underground railroad.  Through cypress groves, between magnolias, under live oaks draped with Spanish moss, you see shadowy images of people who risked everything for freedom.  You see the quiet cottages of Quakers who hid people they did not know.  You can smell cornbread fried in iron skillets and seasoned with bravery and fear.  Crocodiles and snakes slip into swampy water, mosquitoes bite, and harrowing hounds bark in the dark distance.  Around a small fire, a tiny group sings a hymn before trying to sleep for an hour or two. This banner reminds you of America’s never-ending quest for freedom.  You are reminded of how brave Americans can be.

To the Southwest, you see a banner that bears the image of a man.  On a horse.  In a hat.  In his left arm, he cradles a new-born calf.  In his right hand, he loosely holds the reigns.  He boils coffee in a blue-and-white speckled tin pot and he warms himself beside a desert campfire.  He stands alone against gangs and he uses words sparingly.  You can smell the whiskey that he drinks from a tiny glass and you can see the shiny spurs on his worn leather boots.  Barbed wire is the only thing he fears; well, that, and staying too long in any one place.  This banner reminds you that America is a land of independent people.  You are reminded of how vast America is.

To the Northwest, you see a banner that bears the image of a salmon, jumping over a waterfall to return to the place of its birth.  The rushing water splashes and foams.  The salmon must leap over and over again if it hopes to swim upstream.  Along the shore, bears watch the water hoping to catch a fish and gulls circle above the bears, eager to eat what the bears may catch.  The salmon exhausts itself, batters itself on the rocks, and finally leaps over the falls.  This banner reminds you that America is home to many peoples, not just humans.  You are reminded of how determined Americans can be.

To the North, you see a banner that bears the image of Lady Liberty.  She lifts a torch high into the sky.  She wears a crown of lightning bolts.  She holds a tablet inscribed with the date on which America declared that all people are created equal.  As you watch, the light from her torch shines brighter and brighter.  The light becomes almost blinding, enveloping the Lady so that She, Herself, glows.  This banner reminds you that America is a land of liberty.  You are reminded of what America’s light means to the entire world.

And, now, breathe again.  Stand up and see the rippling grass, the circling hawk, the bison thundering off to the horizon.  Lift your hand and trace a circle around, above, and below.  We create this place on the astral plane and it is safe, secure, enduring.  We can return here whenever we wish.


Open your eyes.

Return to your own body, your own landbase.  Rub your face, move your arms and legs.  Notice the detail you  selected to call you back from the astral.  Drink some water.  If you like, have something to eat.

During the course of this week, you may want to visit the bannered prairie several times in order to strengthen its presence on the astral.  You may want to journal about your experience and/or to share them in comments.

Blessed Be.

Picture found here.


24 responses to “The Magical Battle of America — Feb.

  1. Tears filled my eyes as I read the heartfelt beauty of your words and saw this magnificent vision of the land where we live. I’m going to record this so I can be more fully present – listening instead of reading – while I help to create this workspace on the astral plane. Thank you, thank you.

  2. Reading this, in prep of later working (We’ve a Gunsense Mtng this morning), I saw an ethereal yet solid sod house forming in my head – the historic first house of the treeless Plains!

    • Wow! Thank you for sharing.

      • I did the meditation mid-afternoon. All peaceful, calm, and well. I will repeat this daily all week – as conscious visual arts are not my forte. The only oddity was the dream I had afterwards, last night. I dreamt I was trying to get into Washington D.C. (which was, btw, the scene of my earlier attempt at this same sort of magical battle a few years back, solo) and was blocked at every way by towering figures in silver armor – like knights. They brandished giant two handed swords, and reacted not like humans in armor, but like massive automatons.

        I feel like a complete loony or hysteric even relating it, but it does feel pertinent. IS this the face of the enemy?

  3. Two things:
    1) Would you object if I created an audio recording of this, to assist those who may function better with prompts at the start of the work?
    2) If yes, would you like me to provide you the file to distribute as you see fit?

    Thank you for this.

  4. Thank you, Hecate. I just did this and will do it again. I’m also thinking I need to make a pilgrimage up to NYC and visit Lady Liberty.

  5. I wish to only included in the Magical Battle of America.
    I read the Magical Battle of Britain and have always wanted to do something like this.

    Thank you for making this important work happen.

    Bright Blessing,

  6. I read The Magical Battle of Britain last summer and have wondered if anyone is doing this – thank you for leading the way. I have shared the link to this blog post (and your previous post about it) on my tumblr page. May we manifest a better future for all. Blessed Be.

  7. This is a start. Wonderful images. Inspirational. Thank you!

  8. Intense and vivid. I also was moved to tears. I was glad to sense so many others working alongside, rooted in down to the bedrock.

    Thank you.

  9. Hi, thanks for this. I did this earlier today. And, I ordered the book, “The Magical Battle for Britain”.

  10. Thank you for doing this, it is wonderful. So glad to have this work and to know that I am working in concert with others.

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  13. It’s on.

    Bryan Fischer writes for the American Family Association:

    It’s time to go to war – spiritual war, that is – for the president of the United States. He is now the direct object of curses being woven against him by covens all across the country, who began their crusade last Friday night at midnight by joining together to curse President Trump. They intend to repeat this ritual on every waning crescent moon until the demons of hell hound him out of office.

  14. I’ve read this many, many times since you first posted it and, almost daily, walk through the places, see the banners, feel the breeze, hear the wood ducks crying, feel the salmon’s courage in her journey upstream, unafraid of the waiting bears.

    Except today.

    When I read the North Point again, I realized that I never did see a banner, but only saw Lady Liberty standing there, in all her glory waiting for us, shining ever more brightly the closer we got until she was so bright that all points were not only illuminated, but they glowed like she did – as did those of us who are participating. Lady Liberty, our North Star, guiding us, encouraging us, illuminating us and believing in us as we believe in her.

  15. Did I misunderstand? I thought there would be a post each Saturday so we could continue working together on the magical battle of America. I’ve been checking all day but don’t see anything. Perhaps it was to be monthly?

  16. Ohmigosh, no sooner did I post my question than my phone binged to tell me your post had arrived in my inbox. Hurrah! And, I guess, put me down as a tad overeager to do this work 🙂

  17. We are doing something similar here in California. We start with the image of the flag, transforming to the Revolutionary flag. The light of Liberty’s torch blazes beyond the circle of stars and we pass through to carry that light to each household, rolling across the land, a light in which each soul sees clearly, and understands the need for justice and equality. This also seems to attract the spirits of our Founding Fathers and other leaders. A quick visualization of Liberty’s light can also be used whenever we see something appalling in the news…

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