Magical Battle for America 3/4/17


Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s working.  You may want to re-read it in order to re-orient yourself for today’s work.

After you ground and center, cast a circle and anchor yourself firmly to your landbase.  Notice a small detail that will call you back when this working is finished.


Return again to our American plain on the astral plane.  See the prairie grasses and feel the wind.  Watch the bison graze in the distance.  Find again a small hillock where you can comfortably sit and observe.


See again the glowing banners at the points of the pentacle:  Walden Pond, the Underground Railroad, the Cowboy, the Salmon, Lady Liberty.

Stand up, look out over the prairie, and resolve within your own heart that America will be protected.  Know that you have it within you to summon great forces and to do what is necessary.  In your own words, and in as heartfelt a way as possible, call out to America’s heras, heroes, and protectors.  Tell them about the threat that we face and ask them to come to America’s aid.


Slowly, you begin to see tall figures coming towards you from each of the points of the pentacle.  They seem to appear first in the glowing banners and then to walk slowly across the plain towards you.  As they come closer, you recognize them.

Some of the figures you see may be historical figures; some may be figures of American folklore; some may be deities.  You see the American heroes of your childhood.  You see Americans who have inspired you.  Who do you see?

You may see Paul Revere, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Samuel Adams, Clara Barton.  You may see Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Pocahontas.  You may see Geronimo, Cesar Chavez, Wilma Mankiller, Crazy Horse, Sally Ride.  You may see Chief Joseph, Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea, Winona LaDuke.  Who do you see?

You may see the victims of the Salem Witch Trials, eager to defend justice.  You may see slaves and abolitionists, ready to defend freedom.  You may see cowboys, riding to face down mobs.  You may see scientists and explorers, willing to risk all for the truth.  You may see Suffragettes, determined to win and keep the vote.  Who do you see?

You may see the Molly Maguires, Mother Jones, Joe Hill, Emma Goldman.  Who do you see?

You may see Johnny Appleseed, John Henry, Daniel Boone, Paul Bunyan, the Lone Ranger.  You may see Barbara Fritchie, Betsy Ross, Molly Pitcher, Jo March, Buffy.  Who do you see?

You may well see a number of America’s tricksters:  Coyote, Br’er Rabbit, Tweety, Roadrunner, Bugs, John the Conqueror, Felix the Cat, Woody Woodpecker.  Who do you see?

You may see superheroes:  Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America,  Spiderman, Batgirl.  Who do you see?

You may see animals or plants:  Wolf, Bison, Salmon, Sequoia, Eagle, Corn, Raven, Crow, Saguaro.  Who do you see?

As you watch these figures come towards you, you feel hopeful.  You remember that we are not alone.  You draw courage and inspiration from them.

As you watch, a few of the many figures come even closer to you.  They are strong and helpful.  They, in particular, want to work with you to protect America.  They, in particular, can grow in America’s group soul and help Americans to work for the country we want to have, to defend what is good and to change what needs to change.

Are you willing to work with these persons?  Reach out to them until your fingers just touch theirs.  Ask for their wisdom, guidance, help.  Commit to work with them.  Thank them for coming in our time of need.


Gradually, the figures fade.  They no longer need to be visible for you to feel their presence.

Slowly, come down from the hillock on the plains and begin to walk back to your own landbase.

Open your eyes.  Rub your arms and face.  Drink some water and maybe eat an apple or some nuts.  Notice the detail that you selected to call yourself back.

You may want to repeat this working several times this week.  You may want to journal about it.  Are you inspired to make any art?  If you’re willing, please share in comments who you saw and how this working went.

Blessed Be.

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14 responses to “Magical Battle for America 3/4/17

  1. I read each installment in the morning, and let the images play through my mind all day. In the evening, when the house quiets and darkness wraps us like a warm concealing blanket, I actually do the working.

    But through the day? Things come unbidden to my mind –as I mentioned, from the start the “hillock” in my visualization/vision became a sod house. Today, I clearly see that sod house, the wind ruffling the grassy roof. But it is the center of something besides the prairie — around it are rings, the seven rings of a Cretan labyrinth. Like the one in my backyard, the Walk of the Fallen Memorial Labyrinth. The sod house is where the central memorial stone is on my labyrinth. Your pentagram blazes overhead in my mental image — the banners taking on colors of the elements, yellow/air for NE, green/earth for SE, red/fire for SW, and blue/water for NW. In the north, black and white alternate like a checkered flag for the race ahead!

    So, before dark, while I can see the stones of my Walk, I will go there to see what comes unbidden, voluntarily, from the center where I have read the names of all the men and women of the US and Coalition who have died in Iraq, Afghanistan, and more recently – in the fight against ISIL.

    • I love the idea of a sod house. To me, it speaks of a deep connection to the landbase. I also think that reading the working and then letting it “simmer” throughout the day is a great practice. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Walt Whitman, Dr. King, and my great-grandmother. And Vulture, who stands to lose the most.

  3. The Walk is walked. At center, there was wind in my face on a calm evening and a sound of horses’ hooves. If they protected us in life — apparently at least some may come to do so again?

  4. It was hazy. When I go to this place, I always see an intense grey sky with darting clouds and whipping winds, which are then burned away by Lady Liberty.

    I saw many: Harriet Tubman, Sally Ride, Dr. King, Hamilton, Washington, Sacagawea, Sally Ride, Lincoln, and some others. But they all seemed to be crying out the same thing: Remember. Remember us, and remember who you are. You can do this. All of a sudden my hands started burning (in a good way) and I knew I had more work to do. I haven’t called my senator in a few weeks (he’s a Republican who keeps letting his box fill up and then mysteriously “forgets” to empty it) but I’ll give it another try come Monday.
    Maybe I’ll check in with my swing left team too, and keep looking for things I can do.

    I hope it is well with all of you. Remember; We just have to remember…..

    • Song Spider, Thanks for this reminder. You know, we Witches say the best spell for a new job is filling out a job application. Sounds as if our ancestors are reminding us, through you, to keep taking practical action in addition to our work on the astral plane.

  5. Well, that was not quite what I expected – I didn’t have a big list of people who I thought would be there and I wasn’t very sure what would happen.

    Our place was very quiet, no wind and the feeling of expectation was thick. I turned to the NW point and, instead of the pole, a Medicine Woman from that area was standing in from of a totem pole. She was holding a drum.

    In the SW point, a female shaman stood in front of a saguaro cactus; she held a shell in which she burned copal.

    In the SE point stood a root worker, her cabin behind her and her long table in front of her. The table was filled with herbs, roots, glass jars of potions.

    In the NE point stood the Salem Witches and several spinning wheels. I wondered where their yarn was and, as soon as I wondered it, they told me that they were spinning a different kind of yarn – they were spinning new stories.

    I turned to Lady Liberty who was quite solemn and not glowing like I had seen her in the first working. Her torch was very dim. From her right side, she ushered out the children and teachers from Sandy Hook. They, in turn, ushered in refugee children from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Mexico and Central America. The Sandy Hook children told me that those children were here to experience freedom, joy and education. Would I help them, they asked? I said I would do all that I could for them.

    Lady Liberty then ushered out the Suffragettes, who in turn, ushered out the women – young and old – from those countries. The Suffragettes told me that they were here to experience freedom, joy, participating in our system of government and a safe place so that they wouldn’t be killed simply for being female. Would I help them, they asked? I said I would do all that I could for them.

    It was silent for awhile and then Medicine Woman began drumming, softly, then louder, then softer until she stopped. Everyone faded away slowly.

    The experience left me in tears, the kind of tears that let you know that you experienced something deep and truthful even if it leaves a slight headache.

  6. Seriously, 10 minutes after I posted my experience, a friend of mine posted this article on FB.

    View story at

  7. I don’t have the gift of words to share as eloquently as you and your other commenters. But – Ancestors and more ancestors. Coyote and Bear. And I had the overwhelming feeling that they have been waiting and they are ready.

  8. I recorded the meditation process, but somehow after casting my circle every time I meditated this week, I’d go somewhere different. I felt such power from my ancestors, and enjoyed connecting being the first born daughter of a first born daughter of a (you guessed it) back at least 4 generations. I really appreciated reading the comments above from others and their experiences. Thank you.

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