Byron Ballard:  “What we need now are circles on the ground.”




6 responses to “Co-Sign

  1. I think that there are more circles on the ground than even I thought there would be and that relieves much of my anxiety/fury about what is happening not only in the US, but all over our beautiful Earth. Perhaps because I’m taking the working far more seriously than I expected of myself and firmly believe that we will prevail, we will be successful.

    Some of the things that I noticed this week that reinforced my feeling are:
    1. Lady Liberty went dark the evening before the Woman’s Strike.
    2. Some Mennonite women are now getting politically active because of the immigration crisis.
    3. Jamie Dimon said that he feels that the “animal spirits” are awakening on Wall Street. Oh, they are, Jamie – just not in the way that you’re used to thinking of bullish or bear markets. That statue of the little defiant girl placed opposite the bull on Wall Street? She and the bull are friends and have been since she was leaping over them in Minoan Crete.
    4. Rachel Maddow’s connecting the dots on Russia’s interference into our country.
    5. Hillary Clinton’s new, chic hairstyle! She ain’t dead, patriarchy. And neither are we.

  2. Delphyne49,

    Thank you! It’s easy to get so depressed by what’s wrong that we fail to notice the signs of hope.

  3. It’s kind of like our weather here in NJ – a couple of days ago, it was in the mid 60s, sunny, Springlike and today, it snowed, it rained, it was cold. And now, at this time, it is partly cloudy, the Sun came out, it’s warmer than it was when I got up…supposed to be cold for the next week, but we all know that the Weather Beings have their own agenda and timing…

    I sometimes long for “stability,” and yet this up and down, cold and warm, sunny and cloudy/snowy/rainy weather reminds me of an ECG. The ups and downs mean we’re still alive and the stability of the flat line means…well, we know what that means.

    I’m relatively introverted, however, I am enjoying this working with you and everyone and I thank you for opening the door to it.

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  5. I am soon privatizing my blog “Steel Kachinas” for the purposes of a virtual circle of invitees.

  6. symbol-labrys, Sounds really interesting. How do I join?

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