Quand Meme


Do you have a personal motto?  I stole mine from Sarah Bernhardt:  Quand Meme.  NPR says that:

You can translate quand meme in a number of (unsatisfactory) ways: “Even so.” “All the same.” “Despite everything.” “Nevertheless.” “Against all odds.” “No matter what.”

If you’ve ever lived with an abuser, you know that what they count on is that you’ll get tired.  You’ll get overwhelmed.  You’ll get used to what was once unthinkable.  You’ll begin to doubt your own effectiveness.  You’ll give up.

And, make no mistake about it, Trump and his gang are abusers.

So what can we do?  We can refuse to give up.  We can look at all that they throw at us and we can say, “Quand Meme.”

A few weeks ago, it took several tries to even get through to the Senate switchboard.  This morning, I got through on my very first try.  But that means that people who were calling in the early days of the Trump Interregnum have now gotten tired, overwhelmed, used to the unthinkable.  Life happens and many of us were already pretty damn busy raising families, working extra hours, taking classes, volunteering, having a spiritual practice.  Our calls may have had some effect, but, in the end, most of Trump’s nominees were approved and it may have felt as if we were wasting our breath.

But this battle is too important.  We CAN’T just shrug and begin to adjust to the “new normal.”

I am asking you today to recommit to the Resistance.  Each of us will resist in different ways.  Here’s one of the things I’m doing.  I have the phone numbers for my Senators, Congressman, Governor, and State reps already plugged into my cell phone.  When I sit down at my desk in the morning, I have a routine.  I get a glass of ice water.  I take off my sunglasses and put on my reading glasses.  I turn on my computer and, while it’s booting up, I call at least two of the numbers on my cell.  Today, I called both Senators, recounted Judge Gorsuch’s view on torture, and urged my Senators to refuse to confirm him.

Tomorrow, we’re going to have a little chat about Chesapeake Bay funding.  And, BTW, my Congressman almost always votes the right way, even without my calls.  But I call him at least once a week to thank him for doing the right thing.  Ditto my Governor and State reps.  This takes about ten minutes, tops.  But even if my day gets crazy and I don’t manage to do anything else to Resist, I know that I’ve done something.

I’m too old and I know too much to ever let an abuser beat me down again.

I shan’t be gone long; you come too.

What acts of Resistance have you been doing lately?  I’d love to hear in comments.



3 responses to “Quand Meme

  1. I’m calling or writing at least once a week. I’m composing letters in my head right now to express my disgust for the proposed budget. Taking food from the mouths of the elderly and little kids makes me very angry. Taking healthcare away from people makes me very angry. There’s a whole lot of stuff these sadists are doing that makes me very angry. Abusers? Oh hell yeah. And much worse.

  2. I just got back from doing my yearly service at NSF. We affirm that good science matters, that truth matters, that government can be a force for good. We commit to nurturing that good. It’s not direct but I like to think it’s still contributing.

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