The Magical Battle for America 4/1/17


I want to say how humbly grateful I am to each person who has been doing these weekly workings in the Magical Battle for America.   I know that you’re already busy.  I know that this work takes a lot more energy than may, at first, appear obvious.  And I can feel each of you working with me as we do our best to resist the Trump Interregnum.

To recap, we’re very loosely basing our work on the work that Dion Fortune and her society did to protect the island of Albion during World War II.  You can find our earlier workings here, here, here, here, here, and here.

This week, it has become even more obvious that America is actually, factually, literally under attack from a hostile foreign power:  Vladimir Putin.  Putin figured out a way to attack us from within.  If he’d put poison into our public waterworks, it would have only been minimally more harmful that what he did:  placing propaganda and lies into our news and social media and getting Americans, ourselves, to spread the poison.  And, interestingly, as @catvalente noted on Twitter, when an enemy of America decided to destroy America from within, he went with pushing Republican talking points, memes, objectives, etc.  Our own archetypes didn’t protect us.

So, very much like Dion Fortune and Londoners during World War II, we’re under attack.  The bombs aren’t (yet) raining on Washington, D.C, but they’ve been exploding and shooting shrapnel ever since last Spring.

Ms. Fortune and her followers had an entire library of magical images to call upon in their defense of England.  We’re a younger country and, so, one of our tasks has been to build up archetypal images of protective American magic.

We work under another disability that I don’t think gave Ms. Fortune much pause.  Arthur may have killed his own son, betrayed the notion of chivalry, and driven his own wife to unfaithfulness, but Ms. Fortune had no trouble invoking the Arthurian legend to protect England.  Yet, in our modern era, many of the figures upon whom we might call — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison — owned slaves.  Many endorsed manifest destiny.  Many were sexists.  Some embraced capitalism and ignored the environment.  You get the idea.  And we can find ourselves conflicted between wanting, for example, to call on George Washington for his courage and steadfast determination that America would NOT be a monarchy, even when he was offered the throne, and wanting nothing to do with his exploitation of slaves.  We can want to call Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for his defense of minorities and still acknowledge his sexism.

And, so this week, I’d like to ask you to join me in a working to cleanse our American archetypes.  We need them clean so that we can call upon them and have them respond powerfully to our calls.  Will you commit to this work with me?  If you can’t, no worries.  Maybe you can re-do one of our previous workings.  But if you can work with me, please do.


Ground and center.  Cast a circle.


As you move astrally to our American plain on the astral plane, you can feel gentle rain falling on your shoulders, your face, your hair.  The sky above the prairie is a soft grey and everywhere you can hear the sound of raindrops plopping into tiny puddles, splashing off small rocks, making gentle music on your backpack, boots, cap.

The birds are silent, having gone home to their nests to shelter from the plop, plop, plop of rain upon the plain.


Despite the grey weather, you easily find your hillock, the one where you’ve been doing magic for weeks now.  Perhaps you will sit there for this working, one with the rain, and the earth, and the prairie grass.  Here, you can breathe the wet air, smell the wet grass, and watch the bison move across the distance, huddled together against the rainy wet.  Here, you can feel yourself washed clean by the rain, can see the raindrops wash the prairie dust off each leaf of prairie grass, can even taste the clean rain on the tip of your tongue.

Or, perhaps you will duck down and settle into the small prairie sod house constructed near your hillock.  There, you will be warm, and safe, and dry.  You can breathe the woodsmoke burning in the center of the small sod house and drink hot tea from a clay cup warmed upon the stones beside the fire pit.  You can wrap a woven blanket around your shoulders and hear your own voice within the four walls of this small womb within the plain.  Whatever songs you sing will reverberate within the womb of Mother Earth.  You can feel the dark dirt beneath your buttocks and legs.  You can sense that as you are below, so it is above.

Wherever you are, please reach both backwards and forwards into time and feel the rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain washing down on America.  Go way back to the time when the prairies were covered in ocean and feel the rain slipping like love into the ocean.  For centuries.  See the  rain coalesce into glaciers and see the glaciers clean the continent, scraping back and forth.  For centuries  Go forwards to a time when rain will fall upon your great, great, great, great, many-times great descendents.  Send them a blessing.  For centuries.

Stand under the prairie rain and ask it to clean away the stains of genocide against the First People, the stains of slavery, and of Jim Crow, and of the school to prison pipeline.  Ask the drops that fall on your face, and that stick to your eyelashes, and that sparkle in your hair to dissolve the sexism in which the nation has been bathed.  Take off your clothes, dance a dance with the thunderstorms, and ask the water to clean up America’s homophobia, xenophobia, religious intolerance.  Ask the rain to flow away the capitalist desire to despoil everything, to cut down every tree, to tear down every mountain.

Find the one American archetype that most speaks to you, examine it in the magnifying glass of a drop of American rain, and see what most needs cleansing.

I adore Thomas Jefferson’s sense of design and commitment to education, but I hate his ownership of other humans, especially Sallyh Hemmings.  I want to work with Teddy Roosevelt’s commitment to wilderness, but I hate his slaughter of anyone who wasn’t white and his sexism.  I stand upon my right to call Columbia, but I reject those who saw her as a symbol of Manifest Destiny.  Whom do you need to cleanse?  Which American archetypes could you use if only they were washed clean of their miasma? Where can you direct the rain?

Do it!

Stand up, either upon your rainy hillock or inside your warm sod house.  See again the giant banners that form a pentagram across our nation.  Are you drawn to one or another of them?  Does Walden Pond call to you or does the Cowboy?  You may want to offer incense, or to pour a blot, or to sprinkle sunflower seeds to one of the directions.


Slowly, come down from the hillock on the plains or your sod house and begin to walk back to your own landbase.

Open your eyes.  Rub your arms and face.  Notice the detail that you selected to call yourself back.  Drink some water.  Have something to eat if you like, maybe steaming soup from a bowl or hot bread with honey and butter.

You may want to repeat this working several times this week.  You may want to journal about it.  Are you inspired to make any art?  If you’re willing, please share in comments what happened and how this working went.

Picture found here.


12 responses to “The Magical Battle for America 4/1/17

  1. Grey One talks sass

    I’ve been silent but no more. The only people who told me to remain quiet were those who abused me. Screw that! Here are my thoughts on reclaiming the USA from those who wish to do us harm:

    Thank you for leading this important Work. I’ve been doing my own part but it’s nicer to have company.

    Regarding cleansing of our human icons, I usually have focused on the archetypes as I know all to well what jerks our ancestors appear to be in a modern setting.

    During the last Working I noticed a group of characters standing off to the side. I walked over and found Disney, DreamWorks, and Warner Brothers. A multitude of characters, cartoon and real life, stood in front of me asking if they could help too. I’m on the Astral Plain. Of course I said yep!

    Not sure the fictional folk need much cleansing. Well, they were created to a different standard. Yes, they reflect society and no, they don’t embody all of humans worst foibles except when they are drawn that way. 🙂

    A wee bit off topic but here are a few items I keep in my shield kit for when I’m out and about.

    Flashlight of Light of Day. I shine that puppy into the dark spaces that sunlight can’t reach. Brings out what others want to keep concealed.

    Bubble wrap. People can’t help but pop bubble wrap. As the bubbles pop the item wrapped fades from significance. Warning – do not apply to yourself. Just don’t.

    Barrels of Half Penny Nails. For the want of a half penny nail the kingdom was lost. As I travel through the day I toss out metaphysical bushels of golden half penny nails with the caveat of For the Good of All and May it Harm None. Seems to me that everyone in the here/now could use the help. The nails are about little things like connections made, not missed. It’s the bus caught getting one to work on time. It’s the store having exactly what you need for the week, and on sale! Or it’s finding the perfect parking space at the right time. As I said, little things, but they add up to a population that is not so fractious.

    Ah, knew I was forgetting an item. As a worker of Fairy the Wild Hunt came to me for a direction. I told them “For the Good of All and May it Harm None” and sent them free. Thus far I’ve been pleased with their progress.

    Last item in my arsenal is Perfect Timing. There are several versions of this but the two which I use always are non-sarcastic and sarcastic. I prefer the non-sarcastic in my life but we all know the Universe has it’s own ineffable plans.

    Hope this message finds you well. See you on the rain cleansed plain.

  2. Grey One talks sass, That’s wonderful. Would you be willing to let me use your suggestions in a blog post this week, (with attribution, of course)?

  3. My archetype work was surprisingly given some hard things to deal with, taboos. These ingrained hates are still very hard to see for most of us. I walked with two couples of children, a black boy holding hands with a white girl, and a white boy holding hands with a black girl. We stood in front of their families, and all their relations, and just smiled and expressed heart love until everyone was smiling too. It took several generations.
    Next I asked to have a visit from a founding father, and Ben Franklin came to me. I’ve always felt drawn to this brilliant but radical person. He expressed his love of the physical body, including nudism, which is still not a very accepted practice.
    We celebrated April Fools Day by pondering the question:
    What would our nation be like if they had approved his suggestion of the turkey as the national bird?

  4. I said, “I’m not sure the folk heroes can be cleaned up that way, it seems to verge on denial.”
    My partner said, “You are willing to work with the Greek gods, who have plenty of skeletons in their closets.”
    I’m still thinking about this.

  5. Sadly, this is beyond me. I have mountains of work to do to atone for my own ancestors, some of them, anyway. However, the blithe, non-racist and non-sexist and gay Walt Whitman is on board and propping me up.

  6. Continuing with my Vision board, updating weekly as the Work develops..was going to offer, humbly, as pic but not available here…I have a chalkboard hanging in Northern facing window…first a tracery of USA with HI and AK, sorry trying to keep brief, then a pentagram superimposed over map, cardinal directions are marked with Native American Spirit Guardians, then pentagram is also colored and labeled, now come the banners, small depictions of Liberty, Walden, Underground RR, Cowboy and Salmon..surrounded pic with runes for protection and strength….then as each week develops I enlarge appropriate banner with intentions based on elements and attach these to the appropriate corners of pentagram…additional icons and drawings are added as we go…Sorry for this extreme run on sentence, hope you were able to make some sense and Blessed Be all …..

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