Ivanka Trump Is Evil Incarnate

Ivanka Trump, named after Ivan the terrible, is evil.

OK, there, I’ve said it.

Ivanka is evil and a very deliberate part of the Trump marketing campaign is to sell her as the “nice” one, the “more liberal” one, the “sane, calm, accomplished” one, the one who “tries to influence her father in the right way, no matter what.”  The one who you should vote for to succeed him in the next election.

And, sadly, Ivanka’s pretty, in a Stepford, MRA-approved, camera-friendly kind of way, which makes her evil sooooo much more likely to slip in under your radar.  Not to get all “I had a cab ride and will now distill the wisdom of the working man to all ya’ll,” but I took a cab the other day to the Hirshhorn and the African American cab driver and I were AS ONE in our hatred of Trump, until Ivanka came up.  And then, he vehemently mansplained to me the fact that Ivanka is really very liberal, and good, and is doing her best to influence her father in the right direction.  No, really.  He would vote for her tomorrow because she’s so pretty, and so nice, and he just can’t believe that she’d sell him down the river with her pale, powder-bluff jackets, and her high heels, and her graceful hand gestures..

Sigh.  Look, everyone in this society — women and, certainly men — are conditioned to believe that pretty people are nice, honest, hardworking, kind, diligent, genuine, sincere, and mean well.

That’s a lie.

People can be pretty, even with straight blonde hair with two shorter strands in front, and pale, powder-colored dresses, and modulated voices, and well-toned arms, and they can still be evil.  Just as people can be ugly, even with frizzy grey hair and loud, clashing colored clothes, and flabby arms, and screeching voices and they can still be good.

Later, I met a friend at the Hirshhorn and we had a bit of a wait to get into the exhibit.  She recounted to me her conversation with a friend of hers who’d gone to college at Georgetown with Ivanka and insisted that Ivanak was “really nice.”  I don’t doubt it.  (When Ivanka moved to a house in DC, she and her daughter, Arabella, (that’s right, she named her daughter a sickly-sweet Aryan name fit only for Disney princesses) went around the neighborhood handing out cupcakes.  Are you fucking kidding me?  It’s a good thing she didn’t come to my door, because we don’t accept cupcakes from Nazis and I’d have told “Arabella” as much.)  You know, being “nice” is a skill some girls learn between their straightened teeth, their botox injections, their hair highlights, and their lessons on how to stand like a model for a photograph, and how to serve tea, how to stay calm in front of the cameras, and their plastic surgeries.  They can weaponize being nice and use it to make men (and some women) do what they want.  Ivanka’s good at it.

Look, this woman introduced her father, doing her level best to humanize him, to the Republican convention.  (The next day, she Tweeted to her followers that they could buy the dress she’d worn to introduce her father by going to her website.  She made a lot of money off of that.)  She is married to a man who professes not to understand why any media is allowed to criticize her father now that he’s the president:  the same father supported by Nazis, Pepe the Frog white supremacists, and MRA activists.  The same father and supporters against whom she has never said a single word.  She profits daily off of her relationship with her father and pretends, graduate of Wharton that she is, not to understand what “complicit” means.  Her father was elected with the help of Russia and every neo-Nazi in America and she can’t wait to help daddy out.  She allows Trump to use her children as humanizing props and she stands silently by while her father demonizes immigrants, makes up lies about our first black president, and assaults women.

If you ever had any doubt that you were being sold a bill of goods, all you had to do was read her daddy’s statement when Nordstrom decided to stop selling Ivanka’s made-in-China hooker shoes.  First, Daddy sent Kelly Anne Conjob out to push Invanka’s shit and then Daddy said:

My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by . She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!

Really?  What grown man talks like that about his daughter?   I will guarantee you that my father never said this about me. What grown man says that his grown daughter always pushes him to do the right thing?  If it’s the right thing, why does she need to push him to do it?  Is he saying that what he normally does is the wrong thing, but, then, Daughter-Wife Ivanka pushes him to do the “right thing”?  Does she fail all the time or does she prevail and what he does is the “right thing” that Ivanka pushed him to do?  In either case, she’s no liberal hera.

It makes no sense, outside of a marketing campaign.  Marketing campaigns appeal to emotions and shadows and aren’t logical.  This is nothing but a Trump marketing campaign designed to sell Ivanka as the “good” Trump, the “nicer” Trump, the one we should all vote for in 2020.  She’s happy to go along with it, assuring all of us, evidence to the contrary, that she’s somehow working hard, every day, to get her fascist, racist, xenophobic, sexist, pussy-grabbing father to “do the right thing.”

Fuck this bitch.


4 responses to “Ivanka Trump Is Evil Incarnate

  1. … and the horse she rode in on.

    And I give credit where its due, the Trump family is maybe the first I’ve seen to FULLY commit to a bit, to an absurd falsehood. They are perhaps the greatest actors of all time. Or they just arrived at the exact same time when our society had degraded to the breaking point. Again and again (and again and again…) they craft and chisel and chip away at their masks to suit what their audience will find acceptable that day. Trumpers are just on board the mother fuckin crazy train, I don’t have the mental fortitude (or naïvetę) to visit the question of why, i just listen and lie in wait. the anti trumpers feel drained by the daily barrage of PROVABLE insanity, and they want so bad to get someone on their side they can’t see past the act being perpetrated by the hellspawn of the assault to the senses and mind known as donald trumps thunder and lightning rod. jared kushner is a fool’s fool’s fool so fuck him right up the ass (donald never taught you to keep your woman in line? too bad, i bet he showed him some of her favorite positions and kinks). i’ll give you every cent i ever make for the rest of my life if jared doesnt have a trump mask hes fucked that cuntscum of a whore. civil war may be back in style, be ready.

  3. So well written. I couldn’t agree more!

  4. *Slow clap steadily swelling to fervent applause*

    Everything about this article is dead on. True appreciation to the author for promulgating these excellent points so well.

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