What’s In Your Wallet?


The comments to our Magical Battle for America workings have been really wonderful.  In response to last week’s working, Grey One talks sass noted:

A wee bit off topic but here are a few items I keep in my shield kit for when I’m out and about.

Flashlight of Light of Day. I shine that puppy into the dark spaces that sunlight can’t reach. Brings out what others want to keep concealed.

Bubble wrap. People can’t help but pop bubble wrap. As the bubbles pop the item wrapped fades from significance. Warning – do not apply to yourself. Just don’t.

Barrels of Half Penny Nails. For the want of a half penny nail the kingdom was lost. As I travel through the day I toss out metaphysical bushels of golden half penny nails with the caveat of For the Good of All and May it Harm None. Seems to me that everyone in the here/now could use the help. The nails are about little things like connections made, not missed. It’s the bus caught getting one to work on time. It’s the store having exactly what you need for the week, and on sale! Or it’s finding the perfect parking space at the right time. As I said, little things, but they add up to a population that is not so fractious.

Ah, knew I was forgetting an item. As a worker of Fairy the Wild Hunt came to me for a direction. I told them “For the Good of All and May it Harm None” and sent them free. Thus far I’ve been pleased with their progress.

Last item in my arsenal is Perfect Timing. There are several versions of this but the two which I use always are non-sarcastic and sarcastic. I prefer the non-sarcastic in my life but we all know the Universe has it’s own ineffable plans.

I love these!  Since I work in downtown Washington, D.C., I pretty regularly come quite close to motorcades of important gov’t officials.  While held up to allow them to pass, I pull up energy for good from the ground and cast it across the path of the motorcades.  I do something similar whenever I drive past the White House.

What’s in your daily toolkit?

Picture found here.


One response to “What’s In Your Wallet?

  1. It’s not a small thing, it takes a good bit of effort, but I am noticing a difference in attitudes in my town- I cast circles at traffic lights so that passerby are aligned with positive energy. For daily practice I wear protective jewelry. It also helps if I state my plans/errands to the Universe before leaving. I usually find what I need with minimal fuss. Sometimes I leave charms. These are things I stitched and are empowered with love, or luck, or prosperity. I leave them in public places like the park, library, or post office. I think the world needs more magick and art right now.

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