Framing, Culture Jamming, and Being a Nuisance

Let’s talk for a minute about one of my favorite topics, framing.  Here’s Naomi Klein talking about the best way to attack Trump.*

Ms. Klein suggests attacking Trump’s “brand,” which he used to get lots of ‘Merkin yahoos to vote for him.  She proposes a strategy called “culture jamming,”  That means to take the basic message of a brand (United Airlines is the “friendly skies,” or you should buy De Beers because “A Diamond Is Forever“), and flipping the message to harm the brand.

Ms. Klein identifies the core message behind Trump’s brand:  Trump is the boss who is so rich that he can do whatever he wants.  She then suggests what I think are four good ways to culture jam Trump’s brand:

(1) Fire the boss.  Make Trump look like a puppet, not the boss.  (Klein should have given Secretary Clinton credit for first calling Trump a puppet and for first showing how triggered that left him.)  Saturday Night Live has literally harmed, Steve Bannon, Trump’s Rasputin, by suggesting that he ruled Trump rather than vice versa.

( 2) Make Richie Rich less rich by by sending his brand into crisis and taking money away from him

(3) Go after the big fish by making his name a liability, rather than an asset, for people building buildings and looking for a well-known name to put on the outside.

(4)  Be a nuisance  (To be honest, Ms. Klein should have given Saul Alinsky and Jimmy Hoffa credit for this one.)  I’m going to add a call to Trump Towers to my daily list of calls to my legislators.


  • Hat tip to @minivercheevy / blog here.

4 responses to “Framing, Culture Jamming, and Being a Nuisance

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  2. Check out story in Huff Post: Space Group Protests Donald Trump 90,000 ft above the Earth ….. in support of the March for Science Protest on Earth Day! Great story!

  3. Watering my garden here too — hoping for possible rain (but NOT hoping for the usual Texas spring storms!) on Sunday and Monday ….still planting herbs like basil and additional thyme (because thyme waits for no woman! ). Weeding as well — sheesh! Time for a Friday evening beverage out front of the house with the neighbors!

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