Survive and Resist


I had a rather long post planned for tonight, but I’m going to save it for later.  Given Trump’s firing of the head of the FBI just when the head of the FBI was asking for more resources to investigate the Trump campaign’s & administration’s ties with Russia, I’m simply going to say this:

(1) You have GOT to be calling your Senators and Congressperson every day.  Make it part of your routine.  Put their numbers into your cell or write them on a card that you keep on your desk.  It takes less than five minutes to call all three, speak to the nice young person who answers the phone, and tell them that we need an independent prosecutor, that you oppose the destruction of healthcare, that you expect them to oppose fascism, that you care about the environment..  You can find the numbers for your reps here.  (If you’re at all able, call rather than email, and speak to a real person rather than leaving a voice mail.  Actually making staff members sit there and take message after message is more effective than just letting them tally up emails, etc.)  You can also call Trump hotels.  How are you resisting on a daily basis?

(2)  They are going to take away your healthcare if they are at all able, and that will certainly include taking away meaningful access to birth control.  If you don’t want children or if you have all the children you want, get sterilized now.  If you may want to have children later, get a long-acting form of birth control, such as an IUD, now.  Buy Plan B and store it according to package directions.  It has a shelf-life of 5 years.  Go to the dentist now; have a mammogram now; get new glasses now; get prescriptions re-filled at the earliest possible date.  Figure out now how you’ll stay healthy when they try to kill you.  What are you doing about your health in the midst of this crisis?

(3) Do magic.  There’s a full Moon tonight.  Can you direct that light onto the secrets that traitors want to hide?  We need to see Trump’s taxes.  We’re, as Christopher Penczak once said, Witches.  We should do something about that.  Every Saturday, I publish a magical working designed to protect America; you can do those workings whenever and as many times as you like.  What other magical steps are you taking?


3 responses to “Survive and Resist

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  2. Pamela Maxfield

    Thank you for all of your time, energy, and effort that you put toward making the world a better place!

  3. Pamela Maxfield

    I just clicked on “Ritual Arts” and got the message, “Forbidden”…..any ideas?….I don’t know what the site is about.

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