Mid-May Pot Pourri


  •  I have a rather strong suspicion that the resistance is working.  I don’t mean that we’re close to success.  We’re not.  Don’t imagine otherwise.  But I do believe that much of the work we’ve been doing has begun to pay off.  First, several of the major items on the fascists’ agenda — destroying health care, giving big tax cuts to the wealthy, destroying Medicare — are in big trouble.  Not DOA, but in trouble.  And that’s due to every phone call you’ve made, letter you’ve written, march you’ve marched, magical spell you’ve cast.  With Congress focused on the current scandals, there’s much less oxygen available for them to devote to the agenda they hoped to push.  Second — thanks, in part to those of you who have been working every week to win the Magical Battle for America — the trickster Goddesses/Gods actually DID invade this administration a few weeks ago and sew chaos and screw-ups.  They convinced fools to believe they could tell foolish lies.  They got one arm working against the other.  They made leaks leak out of formerly air-tight seals.  And, thanks to you, we now have a cowboy sheriff — a special prosecutor — in town who, whatever else is true, has the authority to get Trump’s taxes, to start prosecuting liars, traitors, and crooks, and, maybe as important, to, see point one above, mire the fascists down in (this is music to my professional ears) so much discovery and legal procedure that they can’t do nearly as much damage as they’d hoped.
  • And, so, please renew your wards.  Set protective dragons, or bears, or chittering squirrels around you home, your car, your office, the place where you do magic, your investments.  Carry incense.  Sprinkle rainwater.  Lay crystals, or stones, or bits of bubblegum.
  • Whatever else is true, so is this:
  • The most important thing you can do to resist is to have a daily practice (OK, first call your Senators every day, but then, SECOND, have a daily practice).  Ground.  Center.  Listen to the song that makes your soul ok.  Light a candle.  Burn some incense.  Remind yourself that you are more than the chores you will run today.  Connect with your landbase.  Raise your shields

I am on your side.

  • I’m loving Anne with an E, the new retelling of Anne of Green Gables:

Picture found here.



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