Don’t Get Distracted


#ComeyDay was pretty exciting for most of us. Former FBI Director James Comey testified under oath in an open session of the Senate Intelligence Committee that so-called President Trump is a lying liar who lies and that he attempted to obstruct the investigation into Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia and what impact that may have had on the 2016 elections, even making Comey’s job contingent on ending that investigation (which so-called President Trump himself had already confirmed in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt on Thursday, May 11).

In case you don’t remember, Article 1 of Nixon’s Articles of Impeachment was related to….obstruction of justice.

Admittedly, Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) doesn’t seem to understand what it means when your boss talks about whether you want to keep your job or not, then gets you alone and says he “hopes” you’ll do something for him, but every woman in the world knows exactly what that shit means. Given the fact that so-called President Trump is a known sexual predator, none of us should be surprised at his facility with that maneuver.

Interestingly, the GOP line of defense here seems to be “Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing!” Well, duh, but ignorantia juris non excusat. Secondly, if Trump wasn’t aware that what he was about to do was totally inappropriate, why was he so fired up to get Comey alone (see above RE: sexual harassers)? And three, if Trump has no fucking clue what he’s doing then MAYBE HE SHOULDN’T BE POTUS?!?! Just a thought.

What was even more telling in the Comey hearings was what WASN’T said. If you’re reviewing recordings or transcripts, take note of the times that Comey declined to answer questions in an open session. Based on the topics he couldn’t talk about, it seems clear that Trump is now personally under investigation (although he was not back in February), that the feds know – or at least strongly suspect – that his campaign was colluding with Russia, and that so-called AG Jeff Sessions is in big trouble, too.

On that front, watch a master at work as Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) questions Comey.

Not for nothing, girlfriend is a former prosecutor and state AG, and it shows.

(Sidebar for any Republicans reading this post: Comey is not an “illegal leaker.” After he was a private citizen, he released personal, unclassified notes he’d written of an unclassified conversation he’d had with Trump to the media through his friend and attorney. If that’s illegal, we need to throw every person who’s ever written a White House memoir into the hoosegow. And you are all a bunch of dumbasses.)

And that’s all very exciting. $10 says every single person connected in any way with the Trump administration is currently frantically searching for an exit ramp and/or lawyering up. (Somehow, I doubt I’ll get anyone to take that bet.)

But the GOP is still trying to kill the Affordable Care Act and  pass the despicable American Health Care Act, which will kick 23 million of our fellow citizens off their health insurance, kill the highly effective Medicaid expansion, replace the subsidies that allow people to afford care with insufficient tax credits, allow insurance companies to charge astronomical sums of money if you’ve ever used your health insurance for anything more serious than an annual checkup, end the individual mandate which means the young, healthy people who help keep rates lower overall will exit the risk pool with no penalty, and allow states to basically say, “nah, those ‘policies’ don’t actually have to, you know, COVER anything” (adios, essential benefits). And they’re doing this in secret, without hearings of any kind or any actual public debate. Probably because they know what a turd it is, but they’re damn well going to shine that turd as best they can.

Yesterday, WHILE the Comey hearings were going on, the House, on a pure party-line vote, voted to kill the Dodd-Frank protections put in place to try to prevent another economic crash like we saw in 2007. You know, the Great Recession that’s still impacting our economy a decade later, with Boomers unable to retire and Millennials struggling to find good jobs?

They’re coming after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau next, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s baby, instituted after the crash to try to prevent banks and other lenders from ripping people off. Caveat emptor, y’all!

North Carolina and other states are still fighting tooth and nail to protect those gerrymandered seats that have kept Republicans in power at the local, state, national, and presidential levels DESPITE repeatedly losing the popular vote, thus clearly subverting the electoral will of the majority again and again.

And 20 states have passed laws restricting voting by people of color, poor people, young people, and the elderly since the SCOTUS decision in Shelby v. Holder that gutted the Voting Rights Act. And if you think the Dems can win at the local, state, and national levels with increasing numbers of our base prevented from voting, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

In other words, the Comey testimony was titillating, and could be the beginning of the end for so-called President Trump, but even if he is impeached, the work of the #TheResistance is far from over. Don’t get distracted.

Image found: Everywhere. Seriously. It’s a meme.

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6 responses to “Don’t Get Distracted

  1. This crone says, “never!!!”

  2. Pace the “he’s just ignorant of how things work” defense. Was watching some right wing talking head try to a little false equivalency pivot to the Bill Clinton – Loretta Lynch one-on-one meeting on the tarmac. Immediate push back from the left wing side (Nichole Wallace IIRC), who pointed out the number of times Trump railed on how inappropriate that was in his campaign speeches; a clear sign that this is not some problematic behavior of which he as “ignorant.” Talking point quickly abandoned,

  3. And your not alone on the sexual predator read:

  4. The use of the word “hoosegow ” is my favorite portion of this posting, which is full of plenty of awesome things. I just enjoy your style so much.

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