We Fight On ALL Fronts


This past week, so-called President Trump, who’s been in seclusion since coming back from the G-20 meeting (probably more appropriately called the G-19 now), mainlining Fox & Friends and venting his spleen on Twitter, gave his first non-Fox News interview since his disastrous NBC interview with Lester Holt (in which he admitted on camera to intentionally obstructing justice in the firing of former FBI director James Comey) with Christian Broadcasting Network’s resident loon, Pat Robertson.

Yes, the same Pat Robertson who blamed the Pulse mass shooting, Hurricane Katrina, and September 11 on “teh gay.” The same Pat Robertson who claims feminism “encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” The same Pat Robertson who blamed Israeli PM Ariel Sharon’s stroke on the UN. The same Pat Robertson who advised nuking the State Department (yes, using a nuclear weapon on ourselves in our own capital city). Pat also predicted that an asteroid would hit and wipe us all out back in 2014. That Pat Robertson. (receipts here and here)

The interview itself was a non-stop barrage of stupidity, of course, ranging from “Putin would never have helped my campaign because he wanted Hillary Clinton as POTUS” (which anyone with any knowledge of anything knows is laughable) to insisting that Putin fears him because “reasons” (SUUUUUURE he does, cowboy), then following that up with a “we [Trump and Putin] get along very, very well” (OK sparky, which is it?).

But my point is not so much the interview itself as the prayer meeting and laying on of hands that took place earlier in the week. The two point to a larger and highly disturbing pattern of (to use the christianist term) “spiritual warfare.”

#TheResistance is fighting by calling Congress and writing emails to Members and sitting in in their offices and attending town hall meetings (when the rare Republican actually deigns to hold one) and pursuing them at Independence Day parades and marching and rallying and protesting and donating and calling and registering people to vote and writing op-eds for local newspapers and writing blogs like this one and tweeting and, and, and…

But don’t kid yourself – we also fight on the etheric plane.

We all fight in our own ways. Some of us are joining in Hecate’s Weekly Battle for America meditations that come out on Saturdays. Some of us are doing white-light workings to strengthen and protect #TheResistance and Democratic legislators and executives at the local, state, and national levels. Some of us are willing to get our hands dirty. And isn’t it *interesting* that Donny Jr.’s emails proving collusion between the Trump team and the Russians to try to change the outcome of the election came to light during the full moon? I wonder what might have caused that? (wink wink nudge nudge say no more)

Rumor has it that during the Robertson meeting, Trump thanked him for “getting rid of the witches who are out to get me.” Well, if he did, it was premature, because we’re still out here fighting, and we don’t plan to quit. We’re in a spiritual war, and we need every soldier we can get. I hope you’ll join us.

Image found: on a right-wing website, and I’m not linking it

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10 responses to “We Fight On ALL Fronts

  1. Muahahahahahahaha….here’s to dirty hands…….”fire burn and cauldron bubble…..”

  2. I was a little girl who could never wear white because I always got my hands, and the rest of me, too dirty. I look at that line about Robertson getting rid of the witches? And I love and laugh and laugh…I still don’t wear white, except maybe on Beltane.

  3. That picture is all kinds of ‘squick’.

  4. In the bathroom:

    As Golden Rain
    Goes down the drain,
    So goes your
    Ill gotten gains,
    Donald Trump.

    Then flush. Since a small group of us have begun reciting this, #45 has dropped 53 places on the Forbes 500 list, and now Jr.’s emails. Hmmmmmmm.

  5. That photo is obscene.

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