Eyes on the Prize, People; Eyes on the Prize


You may have met him.  He plans to be a very powerful Witch.  He spends a lot of time dreaming about what it will be like.  He can tell you all about it.  He’s so intent that he can’t really be bothered starting, in Adrienne Rich’s words “with the simple exercises first.”  He’s pretty sure he doesn’t need those; those are for people less talented and less intent on greatness than he.  So, from time to time, he attempts large, difficult workings.  They don’t often bear the results he’d hoped for, and that makes it even more attractive for him to spend his time dreaming rather than actually working.  But, you wait, one of these days . . . .

Or, you may have run into her.  This is the year she’s really going to get into shape.  She’s going to radically revise her eating regimen, start training for a marathon that’s in just a few weeks, take two hot yoga classes every week, and lift weights every day at the gym.  Well, she is, right after this pizza, glass of wine, and weekend Netflix binge . . . .

Perhaps they were at the last party you attended.  They’re the couple determined to get rich.  They want a big house, investments, nice cars, and great vacations.  And they know just how they’re going to pay for them.  They’re both going to get real estate licenses and, oh, wait, no, it would be better to do some day trading and then, hey wait, have you heard how much money you can make buying bitcoins?  They’re going to get rich, any day now, just as soon as they settle on a plan . . . .

What’s my point?

Oprah Winfrey recently gave a very inspirational speech about the value of a free press and the need for cultural change surrounding women’s role in society.  Immediately, we were treated to suggestions that Ms. Winfrey should run for President on the Democratic ticket in 2020.  And, then, the inevitable blow-back and criticisms of that suggestion.  Followed by insults on the internet and wild speculation.  (And if you don’t see the hand of some Russian bots boosting the conflict and confusion, you may not have learned much from 2016.)

And, you know what?  2020 is a long way away from now.  Arguing about whom the Democrats should nominate in 2020 is like performing the Great Rite or the Gnostic Mass before you’ve learned how to sense and move energy.  It’s like planning to run a marathon in a few weeks when you haven’t even started training.  It’s like getting distracted so often you never really accomplish anything.  It’s a fool’s errand, but it can make us feel better while we sit around and ignore the special election happening in a few weeks in Pennsylvania, while we don’t get involved with our county council or board of education, while we forget about the upcoming November 2018 Senate, Congressional, and local elections.

If we even want there to BE a real presidential election in 2020, we need to first do the work to create a Big Blue Wave this Autumn, November 6, 2018.  Let’s focus on that.  Let’s let any celebrities who want to be involved do whatever they can to help produce the Big Blue Wave.  Ms. Winfrey could certainly do a world of good there, both with her money and her star power.

And, then, we can see where we are in terms of a presidential nominee.

It’s like learning to read Tarot or the Runes before you attempt to predict the Future of the Universe.  It’s like cleaning out your pantry and adding two healthy recipes to your repertoire before you try out for Miss Fitness USA.  It’s like putting money into a rainy day account before you start to speculate on penny stocks.

And, to be clear, I will vote for whomever the Democrats nominate.  I have a list of some folks I’d prefer not be nominated:  Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Andrew Como.  And I’d prefer someone who has government experience.  But I won’t let my idea of perfection become the enemy of the good.  But for now, I’ve got my eyes on the prize:  A Big Blue Wave in 2018.

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5 responses to “Eyes on the Prize, People; Eyes on the Prize

  1. One thing I found shocking in my life was getting older (as in OLDER) and looking back and seeing how much of what I had imagined or expected I might accomplish by the time I got to be 136457564 years old had not friggin happened, and I could see why, and how much I somehow contributed to it. Talk about sobering–

  2. Interesting to note how many reactions to her speech – and speculation about her possible political future (whether near-term or long-term) – led to insults from so many corners!

    Reminds me of the long-held notion that women tend to rip each other apart – which only helps men in so many places! sigh. Tearing up threads does not lead to a strong fabric.

    Hoping that possible contenders do create a wide-ranging outreach plan, consider a myriad of support ideas and options and Take Time to Plan a Worthy and Strong Strategy – first in regard to 2018!

  3. Right on!

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