Monday at the Black Movies

February is Black History Month, and that’s true at the movies, as well as in the rest of the world.  Black women have been at the forefront of the #metoo movement, but they’ve been leading the attempt to stop sexual harassment long before hash tags were “a thing.”  If you didn’t live through Anita Hill’s bravery and valor, you may not understand why feminists will never forgive Joe Biden.  Here’s a good reminder of why.  Fuck you, Joe.

6 responses to “Monday at the Black Movies

  1. Adding my fuck you to Joe, too!

  2. What’s even worse, is the ads that are put onto your post “#1 Reason Why Men Pull Away” is listed twice! – is there something wrong with the wordpress ad people that they think these are appropriate for your post?

  3. I lived through that, I remember that, and when people started talking Biden 2020 earlier this year, I pushed back HARD on that nonsense. Joe is a no go.

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