Being and Doing — What the Goddesses Are Telling Me


During my daily practice, one message that my Goddesses keep giving me is that doing essentially “is” being.  That doing healthy things, the things that healthy people do, is how you get to “be” a healthy person.  Doing responsible things, the things that responsible people do, is how you get to “be” someone you respect.  And doing magic is how you get to “be” a magical worker.

It seems so obvious.  And, I admit, I stand up from my practice and jokingly say to the cats, “Well, there’s another profound insight, well worth two hours of sitting zazen.”  The cats don’t laugh, but I do.  But, for me, at least, a large part of the message is to stop waiting until I feel like doing things and to just do them.  Doing those things makes you feel like a person who does those things.  Or, maybe it doesn’t, maybe you hate every minute that you’re on the treadmill, or organizing your bills and taxes, or throwing away old clothes.  But, once you do them, they’re done and you’re the kind of person who exercises, manages her affairs, has a clean, clutter-free home.  I shouldn’t have to re-learn this lesson; I learned years ago that the way to be a writer — of briefs, or blog posts, or magazine articles, or short stories, etc. — is to sit down and put, well, not pen to paper, anymore, but fingers to keyboard.  Writing is what makes you a writer.

Today, Brigid sent me a visual representation:  the ying-yang symbol, with the word “doing” inside the black dot on the mostly white side and “being” inside the white dot on the mostly black side.

What are you hearing when you do your daily practice?

(And, since it’s likely less than obvious except to me, that’s Nimue & Merlin making (no, really!) the ying-yang symbol on my kitchen floor.  Photo by the blogger; if you copy please link back.)

2 responses to “Being and Doing — What the Goddesses Are Telling Me

  1. Heh, I see a heart, with their back toes as the top of it. 😀

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