One Year Into the Magical Battle for America


Believe it or not, we started the Magical Battle for America on Feb. 18, 2017 — almost just a year ago.  We’ve created a working space on the astral plane and, in addition to working with a number of magical allies and tools, we’ve created five American power banners:  Lady Liberty, Walden Pond, the Underground Railroad, the Cowboy, and the Salmon.  Diotima has listed  the workings in chronological order.

Based on your feedback, I think it’s worth continuing this work.  I’ve heard from some members of other religions who are working along with us, as well as Pagans from across the globe.  And we’ll continue to work with our five magical symbols.  But I’d like to ask you if there are other symbols/powers that you believe we should incorporate for the coming year.  I never picked the five symbols we have; the Goddess gave them to me.  (I was really resistant to the Cowboy, but She insisted and, in the end, I think She was right).  So I’d like to ask you to engage in some discernment and let us know what you find.  Cast a circle.  Light a candle or some incense.  Stare into a bowl of water.  Pull a Tarot card.  Talk to your Goddesses/Gods.  Go the your astral hillock and look to the sky to see what appears.

Please let us know what you find by leaving a comment below.

And, thank you for doing this work with me.   (Thank you also for all of the “mundane” work I know you’re doing, too:  marching, voting, donating, phone banking, canvassing, registering voters, calling your representatives, writing letters, planting an extra row for the food pantry, knitting hats for homeless people, being kind.  It all matters.  It’s all real. It’s all metaphor.  There’s always more.)

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14 responses to “One Year Into the Magical Battle for America

  1. Wow – has it really been a year already? It seems like we’ve always been doing this and yet, I remember the very first working we did, wondering how it would go. Time has surely taken on strange dimensions over since 11/9/16.

    Thank you for beginning and leading us each week. I, too, think it is worth continuing even after the Menace is gone from office in order to get rid of any lingering malevolent energy from him and his ilk.

  2. I was never drawn to the Cowboy, either. I substituted the Warrior/Hunter who provided food and defended the tribe. But then, my 4x greatgrandmother is on the Dawes Roll.

  3. Congratulations! I noticed we were getting close to a year when I put week 50 up. Wow! Thanks so much for doing this, and for continuing it!

  4. I find the American flag itself to be a powerful symbol of the ideals toward which we strive, and it’s already steeped in ritual. If that resonates I’d be pleased to share what I’ve learned working with it.

  5. Thank you so much for starting this work and leading us through it! I had my doubts about the Cowboy as well, but wow, it turned out to be really helpful in terms of connecting with energy that is willing to do what needs to be done, defend justice, and act alone if need be.
    The week we worked with Native American energy, I had the idea that perhaps there are times when the hillock opens up, and there is a stairway down through the middle into a chamber where rituals have been done for hundreds of years, starting long before people came here from Europe. On rare occasions, it might be possible to work there, when the need for protection is particularly dire.
    Tonight, the idea of working with the children of this land occurred to me. When there were only a very few European settlers, sometimes a European child would live with a Native American tribe, and vice versa, partly as hostages, but partly so the cultures could learn from each other. Children don’t have the prejudices that we are trying to fight. And so many of our workings involve making a better world for the children. One of the workings I really liked was when we were washing the land clean with water, and we envisioned blessing our descendants many hundreds of years from now. It was so affirming to think of there being children alive and well here hundreds of years from now!

  6. After binding I’ve been reading the New Colossus poem and promising that Lady Liberty’s light will not go out. I feel that visualizing Harriet Tubman’s later chasing away the shadows is powerful and lately I’ve been feeling the urge to read from our great poets. Maya Angelou’s work and Emily Dickinson’s poem of Hope being a thing with feathers. These great poems feel like spells in their own right

  7. I would like to join in. I plan on going back and reading previous entries. I have a question though, Are the workings based on celestial timings? If I am strting now, where and how should I pick up in the process?

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