Saturday Ballet Blogging

NB:  I’ve been blogging ballet on Saturdays for years and, I admit, I love the excuse it gives me to while away time on the internet looking at one of my favorite forms of art.

But I’m also thinking of switching it up or at least interspersing some other items.  What would interest you?

We could highlight a cheap, nutritious recipe on Saturdays and trade health tips; the recent post on caring for your health generated a LOT of interest.  (Short answers:  sleep, washed hands, elderberries.)  I could highlight some of the paintings, statues, and other art works that have moved me.  We could have a day to focus on Pagan writing that sustains us.

What would you like to see?

5 responses to “Saturday Ballet Blogging

  1. I love the idea of other topics on Saturday and since I’m especially interested in food as medicine, that one really appeals to me. And not just recipes, but food history, the psychological, social, and cultural aspects of food, eating, and nutrition.

    I recently read this article which I found so interesting and it made me think about why I love food so much – it’s sensual for me in that it involves all of my senses whether I’m growing it, preparing it, serving it, eating it and even cleaning up afterwards! And it deepens my connection and gratitude to Earth our Mother.

  2. All of the above. 😀

  3. Please stick to ballet or art.

  4. I love everything you do, so you choose what you are interested in and passionate about and it will be awesome for us!

  5. Wonderful idea. I found the health comments quite useful.

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