I Agree

The reforms are critical. And more of them than are even close to the current debate will be required. But the core of the culture of massacre is equally driven by the social sickness of inaction itself. It is the ultimate validation of the power of the gun that is at the heart of the sick social disease. Until we recognize that the collective message of the power and singular importance of guns is at the heart of the gun massacre scourge, we’ll never be rid of it.

I think Josh misses the role of toxic masculinity which undergirds a lot of what he’s discussing, but, otherwise, I think this is spot-on.

And I do believe that the drunk driving analogy is the correct one, not just for doing something about gun violence, but also for some of the other deplorable problems we have:  white supremacy, ignoring climate change, the trickle-down economics joke.  We can change behavior.  Smoking is another example.  Some laws were passed, but society now views smoking as uncool, something you’d see a poor, uneducated person doing.  And the result is that far fewer people smoke today than did when I was a girl.

Read Josh’s good article here.

3 responses to “I Agree

  1. Thank You! Appreciate the reasoned approach! From an outside perspective I agree that gun control laws are needed. But to simply heap blame on there not being any, and on those who prevent them from being passed into law is to over simplify and dismiss the root causes of a deeply rooted pervasive problem. Simply slinging accusations and invective isn’t going to fix anything. And getting those much needed laws passed and beginning the process of enforcing them would only be the first step in a long cure!

  2. I couldn’t get the link to Josh’s post to work; maybe it was only me 🙂

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