“Just Win, Baby!”

Nancy Pelosi At San Francisco Pride 2017

AKA, reason #105,467 why Nancy Pelosi rocks.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, some Democrats are running, well, if not exactly AGAINST Nancy, then certainly stressing their independence from her, potentially jeopardizing her ability to be re-elected Speaker of the House should the Democrats take back the House in November (so mote it be). The Washington Post recently interviewed her and asked her how she felt about that. Does it bother her, or upset her?


“Just win, baby!”

She cares more about the success of the party than she cares about herself. She cares more about the fate of our country than she cares about herself. Can you say that about a SINGLE Republican right now? (Hell, there are plenty of Democrats who don’t meet that standard, many of them penis-Americans.)

We have six months to go. EMILY’s List reminded me this week that, right now, if it’s Tuesday, there’s probably a primary election happening somewhere (in the midst of an email where they pointed out that ALL 20 of their endorsed candidates won their May 8th primaries. Go, ladies!).

Ignore the latest scandals from so-called (for now) President Trump and his clown car of corrupt morons. Stop talking about impeachment (at least for now). Ignore The Intercept. Ignore Glenn Greenwald. STOP ENDLESSLY RE-LITIGATING HILLARY VERSUS BERNIE. That horse has been gone so long, the barn collapsed from age. Don’t get drawn into online arguments with the RoseBros. Block ’em if you have to. Wastes your time and annoys the pig.

Now is the time for focus.

Now is the time to vote in the primaries. Pay attention. Show up. Primaries are often swung on very few votes. We have a wealth of Democratic candidates to choose from this spring – in some places, an embarrassment of riches. (California, I’m looking at you, and so help me, if your ridiculous “top two regardless of party” system results in all the Dems knocking each other out and leaving only Republicans on the general election ballot, I just might get on a plane, fly out there, and personally kick every single one of your assess.) PRIMARIES are when you get to argue over various levels of lefty bona fides. GENERALS are when you vote the goddamn Democratic party ticket, unless you, too, want one of the aforementioned ass-kickings. Don’t try me.

Now is the time to register voters, particularly if you have young relatives or friends who are not currently 18 but will be by November.

Now is the time to fundraise for Swing Left like it’s going out of style, because early money has an exponentially higher impact. The cool thing about Swing Left is that they’re staying out of the primaries, letting the voters choose which Democrat is right for them (because the right Democrat for PA-18 and the right Democrat for CA-12 are not going to be carbon copies of each other). The money raised now is being held in trust for the eventual Democratic candidate in 78 districts (of which we only need to swing 23). And that list of districts in play is growing by the day.

Once we’re through primary season, there will be even more work to do. Doors to knock on. Phones to call. Postcards to write. Individual candidates to fundraise for. GOTV efforts. Magic to work.

Now is the time for courage.

Six months, y’all. Stay sharp. Work hard. Reserve your precious time, energy, and attention for that which truly matters, that which will make a difference.

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2 responses to ““Just Win, Baby!”

  1. Good luck, America.
    Love, the rest of the world. 🙂

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