The Magical Battle for America 6.10.18


Now’s probably a good time to remind everyone to check/refresh the wards on your home or wherever you do this work.  Be sure that you’re rested, grounded, and in a comfortable position.  Maybe wrap up in a blanket or cloak and grasp a stone or talisman that matters to you.  Grow your roots, send them deep into the soil, let them intertwine with, and grow small hairs to attach to, the mycelia in your own landbase.


Anchor yourself firmly to your landbase.  Notice a small detail that will call you back when this working is finished.

Ground and center.  Cast a circle.


As you move to our American plain on the astral plane, you can see again the safe hillock where you do your work.  You can see the five giant banners, shining in the sky:  Walden Pond, the Underground Railroad, the Cowboy, the Salmon, and Lady Liberty.  Do they seem more defined since we began our work?  Do they have anything special to tell you this week?

For a few moments, just sit on your hillock and allow yourself to become comfortable. This place should be feeling very real to you by now; we’ve been working together to create it for months and months.  What’s become familiar to you?  A tuft of prairie grass?  Buffalo off in the distance?  The scent of sand carried on the wind?  You’ve been involved in a months-long magical working here, joined with magic workers from across the globe.  Feel your connection to this place on the astral plane.  It is always here for you, always a source of strength.

Stand and look to the Northeast.  The Walden Pond banner hangs in the sky and, as you watch, it begins to stretch and grow until it takes up the entire sky.  The scene of the pond and Thoreau’s tiny cabin becomes three dimensional.  You can smell the pine-scented air from the surrounding woods and you can hear the peaceful Summer plop of a fish jumping up to catch a bug.  Stand and walk into the banner and sit on a large, flat rock just beside the pond.

It was during his time at Walden Pond that Thoreau wrote his essay, Civil Disobedience.  At the time, Thoreau was upset about slavery and the Mexican-American War.  As we do today, Thoreau used the term “Resistance.”  He believed that, when the government acts as a machine that produces injustice, it is the duty of citizens to provide “friction,” — to jam up the machine.  Thoreau’s essay inspired many of history’s great Resistance leaders, including Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Under Trump & his running dogs, our government has become an injustice-producing machine of incredible dimensions.  Of all the evil things that our government is doing, it is difficult to think of anything more evil than tearing innocent children from their parents and putting the children in cages.

To fight this evil, we need civil disobedience on a massive scale.  We need every elected official to demand to see and film the inside of these cage warehouses.  We need people who are good at research to publish a list of these facilities and to keep it updated.  We need citizens to surround these facilities and block the buses bringing children into the cages.  We need any and every kind of civil disobedience that can be enacted to stop this particular evil.

Stand up and walk into Walden Pond.  Stand knee-deep in that water that is sacred to America’s sense of itself.  Dig your toes into the gravelly-bed of the pond.  Ground and center.  Cup your hands — the hands of a patriot-priest or patriot-priestess — and lift the water of Walden Pond to the sky.  See the Summer sun twinkle and sparkle on the water in your hands and fill it with power.  Turn, and offer the water to the Southeast, the Southwest, the Northwest, and the North.  Turn back, and offer the water to what is below.  Then, take a deep breath.  As you continue to turn and face each of the directions, blow the sacred water of serene civil disobedience into the air, asking it to inspire civil disobedience wherever and whenever it is needed.  Continue to turn and to blow, imbuing the drops of water with protection for those who create the friction that slows down and stops the evil practice of putting frightened children in cages.  Scoop up another handful of sacred American water and, again, turning to face the directions, imbue the water with effectiveness for civil protesters, and blow it towards every ICE warehouse and prison facility that pollutes America’s sacred soil.

When you are satisfied that your work is done, return for a few minutes to the flat rock beside Walden Pond.  Breathe in huge gulps of the pine-scented air, allow the Summer sun to warm your skin, listen to the peaceful sounds of bird song and waves lapping on the shore.  Is that a frog off in the distance?  What message is he giving you?  Is there a pebble near the shore or a leaf from a nearby weed that is asking you to take it back with you?  It’s almost time to leave, but, as you begin to walk back out of the banner, stop for a moment at the door of Mr. Thoreau’s cabin.  Place your hand, still a little bit damp, there in blessing.  For a moment, you can see the damp imprint of your hand, as stark and as strong as the handprints in the caves at Lascaux.  Your magic is a strong as your ancestors’ magic and you move back through time to strengthen Mr. Thoreau and forward through time to strengthen all of America’s civil disobedients.

Now, walk back out of the Walden Pond banner to your hillock on the astral plane.


As you sit on your hillock and rest, know that you are not working alone.  The Resistance — both magical and in all of its mundane (phone banking, check writing, representative calling, letter writing, canvassing, voting, volunteering, tutoring, restoring wetlands, growing plants for bees, and, yes, civil disobedience) manifestations — is huge.  Know that you are a powerful worker of magic, rooted in your very own landbase, working with the strong archetypes of this land, assisted by countless unseen others who labor in league with you.  You are brave and growing braver.  Your magic and your practical workings can make the difference.  Walden Pond and America’s tradition of civil disobedience  will always be there for you when you want to help and protect those who need it.


Return to your own body, your own landbase.  Open your eyes.  Rub your face, move your arms and legs.  Notice the detail you selected to call you back from the astral.  Open your circle.  Drink something, maybe fresh lemonade or water with parsley and mint.  If you like, have something to eat, maybe hummus on slices of cucumber or a ripe peach.

During the course of this week, you may want to visit the bannered prairie several times in order to strengthen its presence on the astral.  You may want to repeat this working.  You may want to place something on your altar to help you to remember America’s tradition of civil disobedience.  Can you stare into a candle?   What actions are you inspired to take for the Resistance?  If you’re willing, please share in comments what happened and how this working went.

Picture found here.





9 responses to “The Magical Battle for America 6.10.18

  1. Stand and look to the Northwest. The Walden Pond banner hangs in the sky – Northeast.

  2. Señora de las Sombras, I cry – now they have the children, alone, locked in cages, separated from their parents! Help them, please and give us the strength to resist this evil that is spreading over this land.

    I am Santa Muerte; I am Saint Death.
    I am the Skinny Lady; I am Saint Death.
    I am La Madrina; I am Saint Death.
    I am Mictecacihuatl’s Daughter; I am Saint Death.
    I am protection from la migra, terror and ICE; I am Saint Death.
    You know what to do.

  3. Read this and weep – and then righteously, furiously do what you can to help these children and their parents.

  4. I’m new to your wonderful blog. Where do I find where you began this circle? What date or title should I look for?

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