This Is Not Complicated

Oh, Justice Anthony Kennedy resigned.

Well, as a lawyer and a member of the Supreme Court bar, I was a bit sad, but I was not too disappointed or surprised.

Kennedy was always a conservative, in love with corporate power, against unions, and antagonistic towards those who love liberty.  And great enemy of liberty that he was, he decided to let Donald Fucking Trump select his successor, the justice likely to decide whether Donald Fucking Trump gets to select the person who will decide whether or not Donald Fucking Trump can pardon himself.

Fuck you, Tony.

Here’s a simple way to fix this:

We elect a Dem president & a majority Dem Senate.  We engage in a program to bring SCOTUS into the 21st Century.

No, we do not “pack the Court,” that’s not good framing.

We note that the Court turns down many. many petitions and we decide, as soon as we have a Democratic president and a Democratic Senate, that it is time to appoint Democratic Justices so that the court can do its job  Nine new justices, mostly women, First Peoples, people of color, people who are LGBt’, etc.  You know, people who look more like America than the liberal blogger bros.

7 responses to “This Is Not Complicated

  1. Old white man waffles around the mediocre middle for decades, gets feted by prosecutors, defendants, and fellow justices, then finally decides to cash in and retire with the glory and comfort.

    Woman 4 years his senior and half his weight gets up every day to keep fighting for what’s right.

    The state of society in a nutshell. Fuck the bros.

  2. 1) get the people who always vote to continue to vote
    HOW? By knocking on doors (30 times more effective than phone calls)
    Other stuff: registering voters who will vote Democratic, educating voters, poll watching, calling & texting people on election day to remind them to vote

    What not to do: try to appeal to “red” voters. Don’t waste your time.

  3. Today on NPR (sorry can’t remember the exact show!) one young voter said that Dems must have people who can actively work on the newest social media platforms (he mentioned that he – and millions of other young people – does not have a regular land line phone OR cable TV anymore) as well as regular door-to-door activites; a young black woman voter commented that Dem candidates have to actively engage POC on all social and new media plus meeting them in person and in their neighborhoods about their concerns.

    Just an example – (saw it mentioned elsewhere on social media) in a few days the oldest black sorority holds their bi-annual national meeting in Houston (the 2018 AKA Boule) …. tens of thousands of black ladies attend it …. where are the Dems?

  4. Older white woman here. 100 likes for this post. I continue to call unhelpful GOP reps and Senator, mobilize my UU Congregation and registernvoters. I confess to feeling overwhelmed this week by the tentacles of despair. But I enjoy this blog very much.

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