Witches Gon’ Witch Pot Pourri


Jason Mankey wrote a great post  about how Witches need to just keep on witching in these perilous times.  Here’s a taste:

As I write this I feel as if someone just wiped their butt with my country and flushed the resulting toilet paper down the shitter, but Witches are strong. Witches don’t wallow in despair. Witches get up off the ground and continue to work. And most of all Witches keep Witching. Don’t let anyone tell you that your rituals and work is ineffectual or not working. There’s a lot of garbage out there right now, and a lot of despair, but there’s also #MeToo and a whole slate of women, minority, and progressive candidates out there waiting for our votes in the Fall.

John Beckett also has a good post, noting, inter alia, that:

When Kennedy is replaced by a social conservative, Roe v. Wade (1973) is in serious jeopardy. And if the legal doctrine behind Roe falls, there is no more right to privacy and conservative states like Texas will pass as many regressive laws on social issues as they can get away with. There will be nothing to stop them.

Except us, that is.

Of course, he’s right.  Read the whole thing.

NTodd quotes the poet Paul Muldoon who wrote that :

Look, son. Just look around you.
People are getting themselves killed
Left, right and centre
While you do what? Write rondeaux?
There’s more to living in this country
Than stars and horses, pigs and trees,
Not that you’d guess it from your poems.
Do you never listen to the news?
You want to get down to something true,
Something a little nearer home.

Nimue Brown is writing about rewilding sleep.  Sadly, what she describes may not be immediately practical for most of us, but I think her point is important and, as self-care becomes more and more crucial for magical activists, good sleep should be at the top of our lists.

Resting when you need to rest is a truly powerful form of self care. It boosts self esteem too. The person who is obliged to push on through exhaustion is being treated, or treating themselves as less important than the things they are keeping going for. It’s dehumanising after a while. The need for rest and sleep are fundamental needs, and often not taken seriously.

Resting and sleeping are normal mammal behaviour. Even mammals who have to chew a lot of grass to get their daily food rest more than humans do. We’ve made laziness a sin and industriousness a virtue. Laziness is natural, happy and rewarding. Industriousness is destroying the planet and taking all the joy out of life. The more able I become to sleep when I need to, the more I want this for everyone else. Why are we killing ourselves to go a bit faster or make someone else a bit richer? This is madness, and it is the cause of madness. Being sleep deprived will always leave you feeling inadequate and needy. Sleeping is the only answer to this, not the consumables we’re encouraged to use as a substitute.

What tips do you have to share about getting a good sleep?  For me, it’s a small bedside fan that provides white noise and keeps me comfortably cool during these blisteringly hot Summer days when the planet doesn’t cool down much, even at night.

Gods & Radicals is offering an online course  entitled All That Is Sacred Is Profaned.  Good way to keep the brain cells engaged.  I’m a big fan of online learning, especially as even people who have jobs, children, and other responsibilities can usually engage.  Learning shouldn’t just be for rich, young people.

Byron Ballard has a new book, entitled Earth Works: Ceremonies in Tower Time.  As I said in my blurb:

Byron Ballard has written a book to call us back to ourselves.  The greatest threat of Tower Time is that our fear may make us forget our true names.  Tumbling and twisting as we fall headfirst from the lightning-blasted tower, we forget that we know how to fly.  Byron’s book is a drumbeat, played next to a blazing bonfire, that reminds us who we are and why we are here.  This is a book for Tower Time — and for the times to come.

The book is full of practical suggestions and deep rituals.  It should go at the top of your summer reading list.

Finally, on these hot days when the thought of turning on the oven is just too much to bear, I’ve been having gazpacho for quite a few meals.  You need good tomatoes, the kind you either grow yourself or buy at the farmers’ market (my option, as when we’ve tried to grow tomatoes, the squirrels and birds get the lion’s share).  Throw them in a blender with garlic (I like a lot), olive oil (as good as you can afford), salt, sherry vinegar and (this is key) frozen cherries (which I buy by the bag in the frozen food department).  Drink.  I got this recipe years ago when the National Gallery of Art had an exhibit of Joan Miro’s paintings and, to complement it, served Spanish food in the cafe.  The gazpacho was such a hit that they handed out recipe cards.  What do you make when it’s too hot to cook?

Picture found here.

2 responses to “Witches Gon’ Witch Pot Pourri

  1. Trying to sleep in this neck of the way-too-hot part of the country can be a grueling chore – but I can recommend having a routine time set for bed as well as a bedtime routine!!
    So start by writing down a list of To Do/Remember/Shop items to clear your brain’s memory space; set up the tea and kettle for the morning (and any else that helps the morning move more smoothly!); sometimes having a slice of bread and peanut butter or a very small bowl of cereal and milk (in the winter having a cup of Ovaltine – the European one that is NOT sweet at all); cool shower before bed plus keeping the room as dark as possible; running the ceiling fan (and sometimes another smaller one too!) on medium; sometimes watching a favorite old classic comedic movie for a few minutes just to re-set a tense day!

    For summer mealtimes – buying cooked chickens from Costco – and making lots of salads; sweet potatoes done in the microwave; eggs in all sorts of ways (always hard boil a few eggs for the next few days!); broil salmon and then have it cold too! Plus tomato sandwiches for sure!
    For salads and snacks – I have managed to gather a bowl or two of grape tomatoes from my own plant at the front door (planted in an old black plastic Halloween cauldron! 🙂 And a few leaves of basil (from a “surprise!” plant – a gift from one of my old plants (I pinch off the basil flowers and tops to keep them bushy and growing)

    Love the idea of gazpacho – will have to check around for more recipes! Thanks for a great posting!

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