108 Days to Go

Not to tell tales out of school, but Hecate was recently out registering voters (highly successfully, I might add). More than one young woman asked her, “Will this save Roe?” To her eternal credit, she did not turn a SINGLE ONE OF THEM into a newt. My spouse’s response: “No. If you wanted to save Roe, you needed to vote in 2016. Now you’ll be playing defense for the rest of your life.”

I know Hecate JUST hit this topic yesterday, but these are the most consequential mid-terms of our lives. I truly do not believe that is an exaggeration. The fate of this 242-year old experiment in representative democracy is on the ballot. (Guess what, Rosebros? Roe was on the ballot in 2016. Fuckers.)

There are a number of concrete things you can do RIGHT NOW and over the next 3 1/2 months to help create a blue tidal wave that sweeps our country clean of the stench and slime of TrumPutin.

1. Make 1000% certain you are registered to vote. “I know I’m registered to vote! I just voted in my state’s primary that was LAST WEEK!” CHECK ANYWAY. Ever since the Supreme Court removed the full protections of the Voting Rights Act, Republicans have stepped up their efforts to disenfranchise anyone who’s not an angry old white dude who watches Fox “News” or his Stockholm Syndrome wife. Visit Vote.org to check your status (I just checked my own). Yes, NOW. I’ll wait.

2. Make sure you know the rules to vote in your state. See above, RE: Republican rat fucking. The rules about things like ID you have to bring, early voting, and voting by mail/absentee voting vary by state. Your polling place may have changed. Fortunately, the League of Women Voters has you covered. They have a list of a dozen voting-related topics that you can search by state. For instance, my city has VERY generous early voting – one city-wide location opens two weeks before the election, and eight additional early voting locations open 10 days before the election. They’re open 10+ hours a day every day including Sundays. But your location might not be as voter-friendly. Know before you go.

3. Talk to your friends and family about voting. Will your nephew turn 18 before November? He can register. Did your cousin remember to update her voter registration when she graduated from college and moved for her first job? Ask her. Does your grandma need a ride to the polls? There’s probably a group in her town that can help her out if she asks. Is your best friend an inconsistent voter? Tell her why voting is important to you, arrange to go with her to the polls, or to meet her for a coffee or a drink after. Take the I Will Vote pledge together. Remember: the family that votes together stops the US from turning into the Republic of Gilead together! (If they’re Republicans, go ahead and tell them that the election is on November 7 this year.)

Do you feel like you can do more? GREAT!

Many (but not all!) primaries have already taken place, so we know who many of our Democratic challengers are going to be.

You can definitely still fundraise and volunteer with Swing Left (mission: Take Back the House), EMILY’s List (mission: elect pro-choice Democratic women), Emerge America (also focused on electing Democratic women, with a bit of a more Millennial slant), or Run For Something (also about electing Democratic Millennials).

Or you can find a candidate you love and start working directly for her campaign. Don’t know where to start? EMILY’s List and Emerge America can tell you about the candidates, and then just find the big VOLUNTEER button on your chosen candidate’s website. Trust me, it’ll be front and center.

You can set up a table outside the subway station or the grocery store or at the farmer’s market and register people to vote. The American Association of University Women has a great voter registration drive guide to help you figure out what you need to know and do.

You can pledge to join us on The Last Weekend. Although in-person canvassing has not been proved to be all that effective changing people’s minds (and seriously, there is no reasoning with the #MAGA heads who still support TrumPutin – wastes your time and annoys the pig), canvassing has been proven effective at getting out the vote, something Dems are historically bad at in mid-terms. We’ll get into the whole “you need to get over your childish desire to fall in love with a presidential candidate every four years and ignore politics the other 1,459 days of every presidential election cycle, because that’s what’s gotten us into this mess in the first place” thing later. Canvassing, particularly close to home, lifts voter turnout. And given Republican gerrymandering and the general over-representation of rural white depopulating areas in Congress, we need a MASSIVE Democratic margin to have any HOPE of taking back at least ONE house of Congress.

Can you do even more? Work magic, Do Hecate’s Magical Battle for America workings. Pray to the Statue of Liberty – or Columbia. Make an offering to Wonder Woman (what, you don’t think she’s a representation of the Warrior archetype? GTFO). Choose the Goddess of justice from your favorite pantheon, and invoke her protection every day. Take five minutes every day to visualize masses of patriots turning out to the polls to defend our country, our Constitution, and our most important values on November 6.

Lily, I can’t believe we’re still fighting to protect basic human rights and the planet, either, yet here we are.

In short, ignore the Trumpers. They’re not coming around any time soon. Register new voters. Encourage occasional voters to turn out. Make sure you’re all set, and commit to vote NO MATTER WHAT.

I know it’s been a long, hard slog – hell, this week alone has felt like it’s been 1,457,647 years long. But do not grow weary! We can do this – but it will take everything we’ve got.

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