“Bring It” Indeed

Just when we thought the news cycle couldn’t speed up any faster:

Preview copies of Bob Woodward’s book Fear come out, and the media goes nuts because…he reports a bunch of stuff anyone paying the least bit of attention in the past three years already knew about TrumPutin. HOW ARE Y’ALL EVEN PRETENDING TO BE SURPRISED AT THIS POINT?

The anonymous Times op-ed comes out, same (and David Frum is excellent and succinct on why it’s a HUGE problem that this is being handled this way).

Republican rat fucking is already out of control, and the elections are still two months away. (Receipts and receipts and receipts.)

Oh – and more than 16 Puerto Ricans (who, let me remind you, are AMERICAN CITIZENS) died in Hurricane Maria. A lot more. Like 3000 more. Directly because of the utter incompetence of the TrumPutin administration.

500 undocumented immigrant children are STILL separated from their parents. And the TrumPutin administration just decide that those who’ve been lucky enough to be reunited can be detained together indefinitely.

Despite a shameful lack of media coverage, the #KremlinAnnex protests continue. 53 consecutive days and counting.

Kamala Harris leads the charge, with Cory Booker right behind her (and Mazie Hirono and Dick Durbin right behind him, and Diane Feinstein right behind them), on Democrats FINALLY understanding that you need to bring a KNIFE to a knife fight, not a kitten, a plate of cookies, or appeals to “normal order.”

We learn that Brett Kavanaugh is a lying liar who lies (even under oath) and parrots NRA and pro-forced-birth talking points like a good little shill. And somehow, incredibly, his confirmation for a lifetime appointment to an immensely powerful position might still happen.

(and if you want to see a MASTERFUL prosecutor at work, look no further)

And that’s all pretty much just this week. Jesus.

A bunch of us have been saying for the past few months that this may not, pace Winston Churchill, be the beginning of the end, but it appears to be the end of the beginning.

I’m going out on a limb and saying: I think this is the beginning of the end. Certainly for TrumPutin and perhaps for the entire complicit Republican party. (Yes, even you, Ben Sasse, with your ridiculous, passive-aggressive “But what could I possibly DOOOO????? Woe is me!!!!!” tweets. You’re a goddamn US Senator. Surely you can think of SOMETHING.)

And much like all extinction events, we’re seeing an explosion of energy and activity right before the crash.

I don’t know what to tell you other than:

  • Keep up the voter registering, phone banking, canvassing, postcard writing, and donating. Two months y’all.
  • Keep up your magical work – it’s working! But also check your wards.
  • Take your vitamins and eat your Wheaties. And get your flu shot. We need every member of The Resistance operating at peak effectiveness.
  • Hold on to your ass, because this ride is about to get seriously bumpy.

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8 responses to ““Bring It” Indeed

  1. Have I told you lately that I love you?

  2. Bumpy ride. Knight Bus from Harry Potter. Really Bumpy!

  3. Sorry about the double post. Posted Wrong film clip. Blasted bumpy fingers.

    Cheers! Jan

  4. While Dems can’t stop Kavanaugh, if they get their shit about them for once, this stain campaign on his legitimacy and even legality can give them the ground the need to impeach him when they take control. Something something Sun Tzu, something something battles are won or lost before they are even fought; by winning the territory here they can win, if they can find the nads to follow through.

  5. Brava! On top of all that, I’m just finishing Katy Tur’s Unbelievable, about covering the Trump campaign, and trying to remember when any of the horrors and stupidities she reports really were unbelievable. I’m not one of those people who yells “XYZ for president” whenever XYZ does a star turn on TV, but watching Sen. Harris in action was thrilling. On to November!

  6. Thank you. So nice to hear someone else having these same thoughts.

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