Why Women Don’t Report

Christine Blasey Ford testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Yesterday, a clearly terrified Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified powerfully before the Judiciary Committee, providing highly credible and detailed evidence as to why Brett Kavanaugh should NOT be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Brett, in turn, raged and whined and cried and pouted during what was, let me remind you, a JOB INTERVIEW, not a criminal trial. Although he clearly believes himself to be entitled to a seat on the highest court in the land, he is, most assuredly, not. And, in fact, if this interview doesn’t turn out the way he wants, he’s not going to jail. He’s going back to serving on the DC Circuit Court. He’ll go back to his life as a rich, powerful, privileged, entitled white man who ONE TIME in his life actually had to face some consequences for his actions.

Were those consequences uprooting his entire life, moving across the country, and having to completely re-establish himself?


Were those consequences a barrage of rape and death threats that required him to hire a 24 hour security detail?


Were those consequences having to put his entire family in hiding?


He just wouldn’t have gotten a lifetime appointment to one of the most powerful positions in our entire country. He’d be stuck at the second tier of massive power. Poor him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ford has had to go through everything I just detailed. Professor Anita Hill did as well. So did Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, and Anita Sarkeesian. So has pretty much every prominent feminist. And every woman who dared to speak out about the massive trauma virtually every single one of us has experienced.

Yeah, we’re all doing it to get famous. EYE ROLL.

Let’s go back to that whole “job interview” thing for a minute.

Obviously, if you believe Dr. Ford (as any sane, competent person would), Brett cannot be confirmed.

However, even if you don’t believe her or are unsure, Brett should not be confirmed.

One, after yesterday’s uncontrolled emotional outbursts, it seems clear that he lacks the temperament and emotional maturity to be a Justice. We can’t have someone who can’t control his emotions on the Supreme Court.

Two, he either is or at least was a serious alcoholic. That seems like a problem.

Three, we still don’t know who paid off his $200,000 gambling debts. Also, he had $200,000 in gambling debts to be paid off in the first place. Also seems like a problem.

Four, any Republican who isn’t currently being blackmailed by the Russians should surely be able to piece together that placing TWO men credibly accused of sex crimes on the Supreme Court is a TERRIBLE idea.

Finally, I am SURE there is at least one judge on the Federalist Society’s wish list who’s equally conservative and who doesn’t have the shadow of sex crimes FOR WHICH THEY COULD STILL BE PROSECUTED (there is no statute of limitations on sex crimes in Maryland) hanging over them. You know how I know this? Neil Gorsuch.

Senators Collins, Murkowski, Flake, Sasse, et. al.: I’ve just provided FIVE excellent cover stories for you to vote no. You’re welcome, and please attempt to demonstrate some level of character, OK?

There’s been so much hand wringing about “no man is safe!” in the past few weeks. It honestly makes me want to vomit.

To begin with, if no man you know is “safe,” perhaps you need a better class of friends.

But more importantly, would-be rapist Brett Kavanaugh WAS safe until he reached for the ultimate brass ring. Only then did Dr. Ford feel that the issue was important enough for her to destroy her own life to try to stop him. And that’s SUPER common. I never told on any of the boys who groped me in junior high. One, having been raised evangelical, I was taught it was my fault, that a 12-year old girl going through puberty who got groped was a big slutty slut who must’ve invited it. And two, I knew those boys, they were at least nominally my friends, and I didn’t want to get them in trouble. That’s the default for a lot of us. We know these boys and men, and we actually DON’T want to uproot their lives and our own.

And so we let things slide, we bury the trauma, we put our heads down and keep on keeping on. We learn that we can’t trust men, but we also can’t, unlike racial minorities, reasonably create safe spaces that exclude the people who want to hurt us, because they’re our fathers, our brothers, our lovers, our sons. We’re sleeping with the enemy, and there’s no way around it. We realize that we can’t trust institutions and authority to protect us. Because of that, most of us make the calculation that coming forward and seeking justice is pointless. The personal (and often professional) cost is much too high, and the chances of success are much too low.

Do I sound cynical? Defeatist?

As I’m writing this, Senator Jeff Flake, he of the passive-aggressive anti-Trump tweets and sad, sad speeches, who nonetheless votes in lockstep with everything TrumPutin wants, has announced that he’s a yes on Brett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

I think I’m a realist. And that is horrifically depressing.

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4 responses to “Why Women Don’t Report

  1. Well said. Thank you, especially from those of us who didn’t report.

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