If I Were Sauron Trying to Devise a Spell . . . .


Occult Librarian has written what is maybe the most important  thing that anyone has written this year.  You need to go read the whole (rather short) thing here.

A small taste:

Glamours are defeated by awareness and an act of will in which you reject it.

Let’s talk about the glamour of Cynicism:  Cynicism is pervasive, but let’s look at it in the context of politics. It is the attitude that everything is rigged, so there is no point in trying, or if you are going to try it will be in some grand protest that is not actually a strategy. The cynical person believes that they see the putative “truth” because they are intelligent and that they are more intelligent than anyone who “doesn’t see it”.  Functionally, cynicism becomes an “identity marker” of intelligence and a way to justify feeling superior to other people. Because people who are intelligent tend to value their intelligence, there is pressure from this glamour to verify one’s intelligence by becoming cynical

So, the glamour of cynicism removes masses of people from actually working to make a meaningful difference in their community, which is what politics is, while simultaneously enabling them to not feel any responsibility for improving things. Instead there is a self-amplifying feedback loop that absolutely disempowers those who are under the thrall of this glamour while increasing their own deluded sense of status as “intelligent” people.  The more things go to hell, the more self-righteous they feel believing they have been vindicated as being “correct” while being blind to the fact that their role is significantly causal.

Additionally, those who are working for change are dismissed and disempowered as being either polyannas or sell-outs, and are written off as either not intelligent or not strong enough to accept the “cold, hard truth of the world,” or they are not pure enough.  And, again, this particular glamour appeals to and infects an extraordinarily large number of truly intelligent people whose talents and abilities to make change are effectively neutralized.  If I were Sauron trying to devise a spell to put humanity in thrall and spread my corrupting shadow over the world, I couldn’t do better than the glamour of cynicism.

Don’t fall victim to this glamour.  Wash away from your eyes this enchantment.  Wake up and work to bring the change we need.

We need you to take the red pill.

Picture found here.

3 responses to “If I Were Sauron Trying to Devise a Spell . . . .

  1. Thank you so much, Hecate Demeter. I choose hope and commit to the work!

  2. I spent decades lost in thrall to this glamour. What’s sadder is the only solace I found for the existential pain of such was somewhere near the bottom of a vodka bottle. These days I have learned better. If I would have meaning in my life, I need to do the work to create it.

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