Brett Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed

Brett Kavanaugh

But that was a done deal as of November 8, 2016.

Sadly, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was right – she blew up her life for nothing.

It doesn’t matter that Kavanaugh had $200,000 in gambling debts that were mysteriously paid by…someone, we don’t know who, to whom he now owes a REALLY BIG favor.

It doesn’t matter that he had a gambling problem in the first place.

It doesn’t matter that he had – and who knows, may still have (the FBI was prohibited from looking into it) – a drinking problem.

It doesn’t matter that he may yet find himself indicted for attempted rape (there’s no statute of limitations on that crime in Maryland, the state in which he committed the crime).

It doesn’t matter that he made a BLATANTLY partisan opening statement in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week, thus annihilating any pretense that he’ll judge cases before him on their merits and the law.

It doesn’t matter that he screamed and raged and pouted and whined and cried in that same hearing, clearly demonstrating that he lacks the temperament and emotional maturity to serve on ANY bench at all, much less the highest court in the land.

It doesn’t matter that he CLEARLY lied under oath. Multiple times, about matters big and small.

It doesn’t matter that Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick blew up their lives, too.

It doesn’t matter that the Senate Democrats pulled rabbits out of every hat they could find to try to stop this.

It doesn’t matter that thousands of women shut down the Hart Senate office building yesterday, or that hundreds of them were arrested.

Because in the end, this comes down to one fact.

We ALL went into the 2016 election KNOWING that Mitch McConnell had irreparably politicized the Supreme Court and the nomination process, and a bunch of dumbasses voted like that didn’t matter.

You sat out the election. And the 2014 election. And the 2010 election. And your local and state elections.

You voted third party.

You wrote in St. Bernard of the Snows.

All we can do now is prepare for what comes next.

Step one: Take a solemn oath to whatever authority you believe in (God/dess, a religious book, the Constitution, your favorite tree, whatever) that you will never again not vote in an election. As a wise friend of mine says, an oath is a suspended curse you lay on yourself, so be warned, and do it anyway.

Two generations of women have lived our entire adulthoods secure in the knowledge of safe, legal abortion. That’s gone, and we’ll have to adapt ourselves and help our younger sisters, daughters, nieces, and granddaughters adapt to that reality.

(A few tips: Get yourself set up with a long-term method of birth control NOW. If you think you might be done having kids or might not want them in the first place, get sterilized NOW. Stock up on Plan B – properly stored, it’s good for at least three years – and condoms. Talk to older feminists about how the pre-Roe underground railroad of abortion care worked. You’re going to need that information. Set aside a few thousand dollars in case you – or someone you know – suddenly finds herself wanting to take a last minute trip to Canada or western Europe. Make sure you have a current passport.)

TrumPutin’s corruption is likely to go unchecked.

Bob Mueller and his team will turn up crimes by TrumPutin, and a 5-4 SCOTUS decision will protect him from being indicted.

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance – and maybe even the IRS – will follow the trail laid by the New York Times and discover that TrumPutin owes hundreds of millions in back taxes and fines, and he’ll be protected from those civil suits as well in another 5-4 partisan decision.

Things are going to be pretty dark for a while.

Kavanaugh’s a conspiracy theorist – he supported the bullshit idiocy around Vince Foster’s suicide – and a bully – he was part of the team that threatened and intimidated the people involved in the Florida recount to the point that they stopped it, which cleared the way for another 5-4 utterly partisan SCOTUS decision that handed the presidency to George W. Bush.

Kavanaugh worked in the Bush White House during the “torture is great!” years, and we have no idea what role he played in that, because the GOP members of the Judiciary committee refused to get his records.

Kavanaugh picked justices Roberts and Alito.

SCOTUS will continue to erode the rights of workers and unions in favor of big corporations.

The NSA will get free reign on surveillance of American citizens.

The Consumer Financial Protection Board, one of the safeguards put in place to prevent a repeat of the 2007-2008 Great Recession and already somewhat defanged under TrumPutin, may cease to exist.


If, IF, the Dems can manage to take BOTH houses of Congress in November, and if, IF, they can then manage to impeach Kavanaugh, and if, IF, at his impeachment trial, he’s convicted, we might be able to stop this.

Oh, and NEXT time a bunch of women are PLEADING with you to remember that elections have consequences and do the right thing? You might want to listen to us.

[Edited to add: For those of you freaking out about Manchin’s yes vote on cloture, remember that “yes” on cloture is not “yes” on nomination. My guess is that he had permission from Schumer to do that in an attempt to save his seat. I’m betting it comes down to 50-50 (all Dems and Murkowski NO, all other Repubs YES and those of you counting on Sasse or Flake to do the right thing are like Charlie damn Brown and the damn foootball), with Pence as the tie-breaker. It’s just math, or actually, just counting.]

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9 responses to “Brett Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed

  1. Fwiw (probably not much), I just blogged “An Open Letter to Senator Susan Collins.” And sent it to her via her website.

  2. I’m not so sure that Ford, Ramirez, and Swetnick acted in vain. Even if they couldn’t stop the confirmation, they clarified to millions of people exactly what kind of guy the republicans are so determined to confirm, and made the outrageousness of it all the more visible. We’ll never know for sure, but in doing so, they may have raised the height of the blue wave by quite a bit.

  3. Serious question, it would take some time for a case to reach the Supreme Court, and if Dems retake Congress and pass legislation protecting Mueller? Is there a way to circumvent SCOTUS?

    • Trump has the power to veto legislation. Then it would be a matter of getting enough Republicans in each house to vote to override that they, along with the Democrats, could form a two-thirds majority. That doesn’t seem likely. The Republicans have made it clear they won’t do anything to protect Mueller until Trump actively moves against him.

      The Supreme Court doesn’t have much, if any, authority over Mueller. His investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Attorney General.

    • The issue at hand is that the Constitution doesn’t address the question of whether a sitting president can be indicted for a criminal charge. When Mueller reveals criminal wrongdoing by TrumPutin (which he almost assuredly will), that question will come before SCOTUS. Kavanaugh’s writings indicate that he would vote against this (that’s why TrumPutin picked someone with so many obvious flaws from among all the far less problematic judges with the Federalist Society stamp of approval), and with a partisan, no longer impartial SCOTUS, it would come out 5-4, and TrumPutin would be protected from criminal indictment until he left office.

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