Ignore the Polls

It’s coming down to the wire, and we’re all exhausted at this point. And I don’t know about you, but I was starting to lose my mind BEFORE right-wing terrorists, goaded by TrumPutin, who is DIRECTLY and PERSONALLY responsible, decided to attempt mass assassination of Democratic leaders, progressive funders, liberal voices in the media, and journalists earlier this week.

So I wanted to share some wisdom I saw on Twitter earlier this week:

[transcription for screen readers: tweet from @leahmcelrath, “no one knows what’s going to happen in this election. no one. if the polls and hot takes are making you too anxious, it’s okay to ignore them. just vote, breathe, and help get others out to vote.”]

Polls are up? Ignore them and keep working like we’re 20 points behind.

Polls are down? Don’t get depressed – lots of folks who are going to be part of the #BlueWave are being missed in the polling. And keep working like we’re 20 points behind.

This is it, y’all. Shut out the news and the noise, put your head down, and fight for our beloved republic. This may be our last chance to save her.

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3 responses to “Ignore the Polls

  1. I do not think poll results should ever be reported as news.

  2. I don’t have a TV. I do see some cable TV news on replay, but I get most of my information from good fact-based commentary (and these are the sources I support with what money I’ve got). Much “mainstream” reporting drives me nuts. Sure, the facts are mostly reliable, but they’re often not put together in any coherent way, and quoting the White House’s and/or the congressional GOP’s response to any given issue generally doesn’t tell me anything useful. And do I really need to see multiple times each clip of 45’s latest outrage? A press free of government control is crucial, but wouldn’t I love to see a press free of commercial control and the need to pander to viewers with short attention spans.

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