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It was a cold and rainy Saturday.  I worked a long day at the Get Out the Vote center and came home weary.

It’s a perfect night for soup.  Luckily, I froze some sausage, kale, and bean soup a while back.

Let’s talk recipes.  What are you cooking now that it’s nearly Samhein?

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8 responses to “Recipe Thread

  1. We’ve made two different butternut-squash soups — one with lots of turmeric and ginger, the other with curry — and a buttercup-squash (like a green pumpkin) and chicken stew with wild rice. VERY autumnal.

    We also discovered a wonderful local smokehouse/meat market that smokes their own, well, everything. We had two different hamhock-and-bean soups this week, the second made with leftovers of the first plus a few amendments. The original was made even more delicious by the addition of the green tomato chow-chow that Julie spent last weekend cooking and canning.

    We have GOT to get these recipes up on the blog; the most recent recipe we posted there was for the three-day spiced pickled figs we did when we got the last basket of fresh green figs off our friend’s tree. They’ll be wonderful with all the roast fowl we have planned for the next two months.

  2. Thai-pie. Start with the standard pumpkin pie recipe of your choice, using a non-dairy crust based on lard, vegetable spread, or vegan butter substitute. Substitute 2/3 can warmed coconut milk for the milk in the recipe. Cook a bit longer than usual. Voila! Pumpkin pie for the dairy intolerant, and it’s really tasty too.

    I also have a Thai recipe for pumpkin stuffed with coconut custard, that has, in all the times I have tried to make it that way, NEVER set up. But if you turn it inside out by cutting the pumpkin into tiny cubes and putting it into the custard (rather than trying to put the custard in the pumpkin) it’s lovely.

  3. Chili and a butternut squash soup. Each time they’re a bit different. The chili is spicy with turkey and ground beef. The squash uses onion, apple, some heavy cream and some maple syrup. Mery much comfort food.

  4. Sister-in-law gave wife a stupendously beautiful pie plate for wife’s upcoming birthday. This is apple country.

  5. I’m still grilling outside…and will until I absolutely cannot any longer. For cooking, though, I’m currently experimenting with trying to make my own personal hygiene products. I will have to see if I really like any of them, but I’ve made toothpowder, deodorant, and shampoo bars.

  6. Beef stew made with a cup of burgundy, a cup of coffee, and a lot of root veggies. Acorn squash stuffed with breakfast sausage crumbles fried with apples and onions. Apples apples apples – sauce, baked, dipped in peanut butter, fresh off the core – as a sort of celebration of October.

  7. I am writing all of these down — they sound wonderful! We should do these recipe threads more often!

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