How Magic Works



So today was a bad day for the possessed (I’m a lawyer & I use that word deliberately) end-product of Patriarchy currently inhabiting the White House.  In fact, the last few weeks, well, actually just about all the weeks since the election on Nov. 6th, have been full of bad days for him.

Quite a bit of what most women knew all throughout the campaign has recently been proven to be true.  There’s a reason why Cassandra was  a woman.  There’s a reason why one of my favorite scenes in all of movie history is Holly Hunter in Broadcast News saying, “No, it’s awful.”

When you corner a demon, that’s when things actually start to get scary and I believe that we may have some rather scary days ahead of us.  But I also believe, in the words of someone, OK, Sir Winston Churchill,  who fought these demons to a seventy-year draw, that, while now is certainly not the end of Trump, nor is it even the “beginning of the end,” still “it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

You know, sometimes when you’re doing magic it can seem as if nothing happened.  Maybe you’re just making yourself feel better.  Maybe you’re doing worse than that, selling yourself a line of happy shit while the “real world” goes from bad to worse.  (No, of course, I’VE never felt like this; OK, yes I have.)  Maybe it’s just you and you’re a failure, or maybe it’s just magic and magic is bullshit, or maybe both, who knows, but what you do know is that you’ve been lighting candles, drumming, casting circles, directing intention, burning poppets, dancing down the Moon, writing things on lead plates, or charred paper, or on the gravestones just outside town and — still — nothing’s happening.

I think that, for some of us, that’s how it’s all felt ever since, oh, let’s just say about Nov. 8, 2016.

I know that I’ve been grateful, on a weekly basis, for those magic workers wiling to engage in the Magical Battle for America, not least because of how desperate and depressing all of this has seemed.

For years and years.

And I am grateful for every single person (most of them women) who worked hard to bring on the Blue Tsunami.  I personally worked the elbow-inflaming machines that made campaign buttons for local candidates, assembled lawn signs, registered voters at multiple metro stops and condo centers, addressed dozens of Dollars for Democrats envelopes, wrote hundreds of postcards to voters, drove a local candidate to his canvassing stops and, also, coordinated his canvassers, and, then, in the weekends and days leading up to the election, staffed the 12-hour staging center for canvassers and phone bankers.

And I did a boatload of magic, both on my own & with a small, devoted group of magic workers

And for months, things appeared to go from bad to worse.

Yet, here we are, now that Mercury has finally turned direct.  The NRA is nearly bankrupt and in serious legal trouble, bound up in Russian interference in support of Trump.  Trump is PANicked and his remaining supporters find themselves bound about, as if in bindweed.  Hardly a day passes when magic doesn’t rise up from within Trump Tower itself (it’s almost as if anyone could wander into that hotel and do magic).  Trump’s “foundation” is belly up and he and his family are still subject to prosecution.  And the only problem that the Muller probe has is that  judges appear to think that Muller is going too easy on some traitors.

It’s all real.  It’s all metaphor.  There’s always more.

Do magic.  Do it unceasingly.

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One response to “How Magic Works

  1. “Do magic. Do it unceasingly.”
    What an uplifting way to end this blog. No matter what, do not stop “there’s always more”. Will do and thank you.

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