Words for Wednesday


The Great Form is Without Shape

~ Gerrit Lansing
All life long
you are unhanding
unhanding and unhanding
what was handed you.
All life long
you throw out the line of life.
You throw out the line, stinging
up from your guts.
Were they planting trees,
your father and your mother?
Did they ever plant?
Is that a line of trees
far away
green line?
All life long
you include something
that includes your life.
You are in the egg.
                                          (                In the center of a picture,
                                          two angels hold a transparent crystal
                                          egg of teardrop shape. In the egg
                                          the ocean god is throned, left leg
                                          crossed over right, trident in right
                                          hand. Under his outstretched arms two
                                          children or little people stand, a boy
                                          at his right, a girl at his left. The
                                          boy’s head is crowned with a sun, the
                                          girl’s, with a crescent moon.
                                                         That’s the middle level of
                                          the picture. At the top a blazing
                                          sun with human features dominates the
                                          vertical axis. At the bottom a man
                                          and a woman kneel on either side a
                                          furnace, man to the right of the
                                          furnace, woman to the left. In the
                                          furnace itself, directly below the egg
                                          containing the god, is suspended a
                                   similar egg, empty.                            )
All life long
the dew falls from heaven
all life long
trees climb up from underground waters.
In the seed of the old god the new gods are swarming.
Earth is ready for planting.
The shut eye is opening.
The heat.
Photo by Greenman.  If you copy, please link back.

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