Blessed Imbolc!

brigid's cross metal plaque

Although it seems hard to fathom, with most of the lower 48 here in the US in the continuing grip of the climate-change fueled polar vortex, it’s the first holiday/holy day of spring!

Imbolc is one of the four cross-quarter days, that is, the holidays/holy days that fall in between the equinoxes and solstices. It is dedicated to Brigid, Irish Goddess of healing, poetry, and smithcraft. She is one of the many triune Goddesses, incorporating maiden, mother, and crone.

Her holiday/holy day is an excellent time for planting seeds and spring cleaning.

Now, you (like me) might not be able to plant physical seeds in the frozen ground outside today (although you might want to be starting your seedlings, if your last frost is coming in the next six to eight weeks, and even if it’s not, you can be collecting your seeds and preparing your seed trays and potting mix in anticipation), but that doesn’t mean it’s not a day for making plans.

Be like Kamala Harris, planning her presidential campaign around Medicare for all.

Be like Elizabeth Warren, planning her presidential campaign around economic progressivism.

Be like Cory Booker, planning his presidential campaign around criminal justice reform.

Be like Kirsten Gillibrand, planning her presidential campaign around her proud feminist stances on everything from family leave to Tarana Burke’s #MeToo movement to ending sexual assault in the US military.

(Why can’t I just vote for all four of them? Sigh. Too many good choices…)

Be like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, staging a full-frontal assault on grotesque extremes of wealth via a proposed 70% tax on income over $10 million. (And no, “but billionaires use a lot of that money for philanthropy!” is not an acceptable excuse. The short answer is: why should they get to choose who to help and who not to help? For a longer answer, check out Edgar Villanueva’s Decolonizing Wealth.)

Be like Nancy Pelosi, planning carefully how to regain power for the Democrats and then planning exactly what to with it once gotten (see H.R. 1, H.R. 51, and her bad assery on the Trump Shutdown and his unending “but I want my WALL!” temper tantrum).

(And boy is Mitch McConnell, to use the popular expression, telling on himself by accusing the Democrats of trying to steal elections with H.R. 1. No, Mitch, that’s what you and your cronies have been doing since Reconstruction ended. We see what you’re up to, and we are NOT amused.)

Be like me (!!), just returned from my annual business planning retreat. Just because I’m self-employed, don’t think I don’t take assessing progress, making plans, and setting goals seriously.

What plans will you set this Imbolc night, as you light the fires? What seeds will you sow for the coming year?

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2 responses to “Blessed Imbolc!

  1. Get my Shaman book out on as many platforms, and review sites as I can, and write the next one while I’m at it. 🙂

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