The Magical Battle for America 3.3.19


Now’s probably a good time to remind everyone to check/refresh the wards on your home or wherever you do this work.  (No, really.  You really need to do this.)  Be sure that you’re rested, grounded, and in a comfortable position.  Maybe wrap up in a blanket or cloak and grasp an herb, stone, or talisman that matters to you.  Grow your roots, send them deep into the soil, let them intertwine and grow small hairs to attach to the mycelia in your own landbase.


Anchor yourself firmly to your landbase.  Does your landbase have anything to tell you today?  Notice a small detail that will call you back when this working is finished.

Ground and center.  Cast a circle.


As you move to our American plain on the astral plane, you can see again the safe hillock where you do your work.  You can see the five giant banners, shining in the sky: Walden Pond, the Underground Railroad, the Cowboy, the Salmon, and Lady Liberty.  Do they seem more defined since we began our work? Do they have anything special to tell you this week?

For a few moments, just sit on your hillock and allow yourself to become comfortable.  This place should be feeling very real to you by now; we’ve been working together to create it for months and months.  What’s become familiar to you?  A tuft of prairie grass?  Buffalo off in the distance?  The scent of sand carried on the wind?  You’ve been involved in a months-long magical working here, joined with magic workers from across the globe.  Feel your connection to this place on the astral plane. It is always here for you, always a source of strength.

As you look out across America, you can see signs of Spring beginning to appear.  Snow covers the ground in some places, but, even beneath the snow, Spring ephemerals are beginning to grow.  In yards that get a Southern exposure, snowdrops and crocus are beginning to bloom.   Farther South, spring jasmine and yellow daffodils shine their yellow flowers in imitation of the coming sun.  Deep beneath the wet earth, native orchids, American hellebores, and woodland bluebells are pushing up from underground.

Move your magical attention underground, to that important place two or three inches beneath the mulch.  There, you find the web of mycelium preparing to perform the sex act above the earth.  You find seeds germinating.  You find life — life going mad with the coming of Spring, life about to explode as soon as the sun grows just a bit stronger.

What is waiting to push up from beneath the warm dirt in your own life?  How does that growth tie in with the renewal of democracy in America?  What sprouts does Columbia herself call forth?  Are you willing to warm the soil, to allow the seeds to grow, to stop and observe the Spring blooms when they are ready?

Maybe you need a few more weeks of rest and silence in the dark.  Take them.  Maybe you are already working for primary candidates and need some warm encouragement.  Take it.  Maybe you have shifted from fighting the fascists to working for a local bit of wetland, or to preserving your neighborhood library, or to encouraging state legislators to vote for the ERA.  Take the strength you need from your own bit of Earth.  Maybe now is the time when you focus on gathering with neighbors, or other Witches, or fellow naturalists, and determining important next steps.  Brew strong coffee for that.

As you send your attention underground, the American soil, itself, responds to you.  What does it tell you?  What is it asking of you?  What do the roots, and the rocks, and the duff demand of you?  What are you willing to offer?

Return to your hillock.


Slowly, come down from your hillock and begin to walk back to your own landbase.

Open your eyes.  Rub your arms and face.  Notice the detail that you selected to call yourself back.  Drink something, maybe iced green tea or a dandelion tisane.  Have something to eat, maybe spring greens or ginger root sauerkraut.  Maybe you can set up a small altar dedicated to Spring.  (If so, please post a picture!!)  You may want to repeat this working several times this week.  You may want to journal about it.  Are you inspired to make any art? If you’re willing, please share in comments what happened and how this working went.

Picture found here.

2 responses to “The Magical Battle for America 3.3.19

  1. thank you. I am late to this, only my second time on the hillock. Yet your words make me feel like I’ve been here all along.

    • Welcome! BTW, (thanks to Diotima) there’s a link on the right hand side of my page that will take you to all of the previous workings in you ever want to do some of those.

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